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CRB_Downtown wrote up a deep dive on the zPrix invitational that starts today in WildStar.

Hoverboard_Concept_FinalHere’s some highlights of the Deep Dive:

We’re celebrating hoverboards (and the people who love them) on the anniversary of their invention—October 21—with the Hoverboard zPrix Invitational! It’s an event that brings hoverboard-centric gameplay and lore to you over a five-day period. I won’t do you the disservice of digging too much into the lore in this format, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least namedrop the man of the hour: Galian “Doc” Zemmet, famed Cassian engineer, inventor of the hoverboard, and zemTech’s visionary founder.

Do It with Some Style

All right, let’s talk turkey: The Hoverboard zPrix Invitational brings with it some new and most excellent zemTech products. One is exclusive to the in-game store, but the rest are daily quest rewards, so make sure you hit the zTracks early to scoop up all the loot you can.

  • Costume Pieces: zemTech’s partnered with some of Nexus’ next-level action-fashion designers to launch a limited run of an outfit that will make your Holo-Wardrobe holo-burst: the zHat! The zJacket! zPants! And, zKicks!

  • Toys: The new 88-Proof Boardwax and 1.21 Gigazaps toys will make even the most face-challenged Mordesh smile. The former makes your hoverboard move even faster (with some potential, unintended side effects), and the latter can make you move faster—just consider warning companions following you around that your increased speed could be a little… shocking.

  • Housing Décor: No holiday would be complete without new housing décor. We went more sparkly with this one: The Burning Track, which is a trail of continuous fire, and the 10:04 Lightning Bolt, which is a lightning bolt that repeatedly strikes the place of your choosing.

  • Titles: Hoverboarder slang used across the galaxy is the basis of three new title rewards – so if you fancy yourself a Slacker, a Butthead, or Bojo, then it’s your lucky long weekend.

  • Hoverboard and Flair: Last, but certainly not least, we’ll see the release of a limited-edition hoverboard and flair bundle: The zBoard 88 with optional LeDorian accessories! zemTech proves they’re the supreme ruler of hoverboards yet again!


I did a video covering the zPrix race tracks while the event was on the PTR, so check that out for a quick overview of the courses.  The zBoard 88, and flair set are available on the NStore for 595 Omnibits, or 1190 NCoins, and is claimable on a single character (but…how cool is that character going to look!).

Get in there and start boarding!


Here’s my preview of the new Hoverboard racing event WildStar is adding (October 21st on the Live servers!).

First, the inspiration for this event, is clearly the Back to the Future movies.  This is not a bad thing.. we get our quests from “Doc” Zemmett, various boosts last for 8.8 seconds, the new hoverboard being introduced for this event is the Z-88…..and the costume pieces we get make us look like a certain time traveling teenager!  😛

The event consists of 3 daily races, and is open to everyone level 10 and up.  Collect the Daily Quests from Doc, in the contract area of your Capital City.. if you haven’t made it to your Capital yet, you can get them from Doc himself at the start (or finish) of the racetracks.  As part of each quest, you get a teleporter to take you to the start of the race track.  If you don’t see it on your quest tracker, right click there, and turn off the filter distance option.

Remember – if you get a time you don’t like.. abandon the quest before you turn it in, and then pick it back up and start over.

Let’s talk about the individual racetracks now:

Celestion – Celestial River Rush

This is the “simplest” of the tracks I think, it follows the river primarily.  The rings are spaced out enough that you can skip a few by cutting over river banks, without seriously hurting your time (just…don’t get stuck on logs, or bridges..or the rest of the terrain that I always do).  This track is right outside WoodHaven, so Dominion characters will need to watch out for guards/Exile NPCs if they stray too far from the course.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 11.27.30


Whitevale – Whitevale Wipeout

This is my favorite of the 3 tracks.  Tornados, Precarious leaps between mountains, dropping down into rings, enemy mobs in the path!

This one starts on Thermock Lake, runs over the lake for a bit, and then goes through Silverscale Station, you then dodge Tornados (and Yeti!), goes back over Rimewater River… till it hits my nemesis.. a bridge, and ends at Wigwalli Village.  The lower thread radius buff received while being on the race…comes in handy here.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 11.45.44



Get your pants here… they aren’t quest rewards for the other two tracks! At least..not that I’ve seen!


Deradune – Savannah Speedway

This one starts in the Ungala River… check point two is UP..so be sure you look for the jump boosts, so you don’t miss it.  After racing up the river, you’ll jump boost into Bloodtalon Perch, so that reduced threat buff will come in handy again.  You’ll zip through Bloodtalon Perch, and drop back down into the Ungala river..this race’s finish line… is on top of Metal Maw’s cage! (so watch your step!).

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 11.57.00



Turning in each quest, lets you pick between a housing decor item, consumables with fun side effects, titles, and costume pieces!  The Z-88 Hoverboard will also be obtainable during the event…somehow!

After each turn in, you’ll also be prompted to teleport back to your Capital City.. useful if you’re an Exile and you just finished the track in Deradune..

This looks like it will be a ‘fun for everyone’ event..and I can’t wait to race my kids, and see who can get the better times on these tracks!

Video review of the event, includes a look at the costume pieces I was able to obtain is here:



The Hoverboard zPrix Invitational will go Live on October 21st… and don’t forget, WildStar goes Free to Play on the 29th of September!


CRB_Sunshine returned this week for another episode of Casual Friday.  Her special guest this week, was CRB_Downtown.  This week’s topic, was the Hoverboard zPrix Invitational Event!

Before jumping into the Invitational.. they took care of a little housekeeping:

  • Special Tony Rey appearance… when he had to remind Sunshine to re-attach her mic.
  • PvP Play time coming up on the 16th, 5:30 pm PDT – Walatiki BG… be there!
  • New Events page that went up this week.

On to the Invitational Informational section!

Doc (the holographic quest giver), is a lowborn Cassian Engineer who invented Hoverboards!

Here’s the Qs that were A’d:

Q: Option to re-race after completing the daily? (not for prizes, just for fun)
A: Nothing systemic yet. If you don’t like your time, abandon the quest.. then pick it back up.

Q: Jump pads, speed boosts, etc..as housing decor items.
A: Would be awesome, not happening for inaugural run of the zPrix Invitational.

Q: With so many different ground mounts, will we now see more hoverboards?
A: Z-88 Hoverboard available for this event.. comes with LeDorian flair (Named for Dorian Walker..friend of Doc)

Q: Better to hit speed boost, or rings?
A: Both, they stack.. but some are out of the ‘main’ path.. so look at risk/reward

Q: Re-activated account with Subscription, losing out on anything?
A: Whatever you’ve spent on the account will get rolled into Cosmic Rewards. You’ll miss out on the grandfathered rewards for non-lapsed subscriptions.

Q: IS there a way to go back to racetrack, from capital city after completing the race?
A: You’d need to take the taxi, or other method of traveling there.

Q: Does speed of the mount matter for any races?
A: Yes, but most Hoverboards go at the same speed (except Glitter Kitty).

Q: Is the Nerf gun broken? Someone cussed and didn’t get shot!
A: Casual Friday is casual, no shooting for language!

Leaderboard question… currently not in.. take screen shots, or video and post ’em!

Q: If you’re PvP flagged, can you get ganked mid-race?
A: Yes.. didn’t want to take anything away from the players.. DeathMatch!

Q: After event is over, will CRB post names of people who had the best times on all tracks?
A: It’d be nice.. not sure if CRB will have manpower for it.

Q: Entire racing zone possible?
A: It’d be nice to have..no plans currently.

Q: Road rash style hoverboard race?
A: Sounds cool, or sports on Hoverboard… lots of possibilities.

Q: How do I equip side flair on mounts after learning it?
A: Mount UI

Q: Will these events be strictly October?
A: Depends on feedback from players

I thought the funniest bit, was CRB_Sunshine accidentally calling the Razer keyboard, a Logitech keyboard.. which led to this:

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 23.11.02

And Tony threatening her with the Cannon Gun…which CRB_Downtown pointed out, would be a gun that shoots cannons..

They gave away a few Fancy Pants Jacket codes during the stream.  Overall, I think this was the most ‘focused’ Casual Friday stream (plus, did you see how much Downtown’s character looked like him?!?!) they stuck to the zPrix event, didn’t get a lot of questions about other stuff.. and it was entertaining!

If you missed it, it’s available on YouTube now.