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The PTR is up, and in addition to the stuff on there for the “Tundradome” Cryo-plex drop.. Carbine has turned on Protostar’s Gala Winterfest Extravaganza for testing.. this, is the “Christmas” event for WildStar…and, like Shade’s Eve before it… it is done very, very well.

The blurb from WildStar’s Event page:

The Protostar Corporation is on Nexus in force to celebrate the true reason for the season: CONSUMERISM! Buy things, help Protostar sell things, and don’t let the war on Winterfest undermine what really matters, and that’s money. This greatest of all the materialistic holidays will send players on adventures throughout Nexus, culminating in an instance where players from levels 10-50 can teleport to the big shopping spree in the sky—the SuperMall-in-the-Sky to be exact. Get scaled up to max level and rampage through its shops, but try to escape before succumbing to the many overzealous salesclones!

Because not everyone hitting the front page may want spoilers… click more to read the rest!

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