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With the impending launch of WildStar’s Free To Play patch (September 29th!)… it might be handy to know how to purchase some NCoin, so you can buy all the goodies in the in-game store (and, rack up some more Cosmic Reward Points at the same time).

There are two ways to buy NCoin for use in WildStar (and, you have to do one of them, before you can do the other).


At least one NCoin purchase must be made via the WildStar-Online webstore, to unlock the ability to buy directly from the in-game store.

To purchase via the webstore.. follow these simple steps:

  1.  Go to
  2. Click Login:

3. Enter your WildStar username and password when prompted.  You should end up on the profile page of account management after signing in, if not click ‘my account’ at the top of the screen.
4.  From your Profile/Account management page, click Transaction History.


5. Click “Buy NCoin”



6.  Select the quantity of NCoin you wish to purchase:

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 18.44.44

7.  Select your quantity, and then payment method (Paypal or Credit Card).

8.  Click Continue, you’ll then be taken to a pretty standard checkout screen to confirm name, address, etc..

9.  Finish your transaction and wait a few minutes..

10.  You’ll receive an email telling you your purchase has gone through, and another telling you when it’s been completed.

11.  Check transaction history, under ‘purchased NCoins’ you should see your transaction listed, as well as seeing your shiny new NCoins listed by the ‘buy’ button:

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 07.43.52


12.  It had to be 12 steps, didn’t it???  You’re Done.. jump in game and buy something nice with your NCoin!


After you’ve completed a Webstore purchase once, you ‘unlock’ the ability to purchase NCoin without ever having to leave the comfort, and safety, of Nexus.  At least, assuming you’ve got two-factor authentication enabled, as that is also required for in-game purchasing of NCoin.

In-Game Purchase:

  1.  Click on the Store icon:


2.  From the Store interface, click on the little N+ icon in the upper right:


3.  Select the quantity you want from the next pop-up:

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 07.57.08

5.  Then click “Purchase selected NCoin pack”

6.  Spend your newly acquired NCoin as soon as it shows up!  (buy me something nice!)


Clearly, it’s a much faster process to do in game – once you’ve unlocked that path.  Pay attention to the small print, Carbine/NCSoft are informing you that all NCoin purchases are final, with no refunds or exchanges.




BETA Only NOTE:  When you buy NCoin in Beta.. you’re actually buying two sets of the same quantity of NCoin.  1 batch of ‘regular’ NCoin, that will be sitting in your WildStar Wallet, waiting for F2P to hit on the 29th of September… and 1 batch (of identical amount) of PTR NCoin, which is available for you to spend immediately on the Beta/PTR server.  It’s important to note, that you’re not spending your “real” NCoin during the beta.. you’re spending that ‘fake’ copy.