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Week in Review, May 15-21

This is the “OMG It’s Happening!” edition!



In keeping with tradition, two days after WildCast recorded, Carbine announced you can preorder the WildStar Soundtrack, volume 1.. from your favorite digital music retailer (and from Sumthing else Music Works).  In great pre-order related news… WildStar is the most pre-ordered album on Sumthing.  In bad pre-order related news.. Sumthing, via UMG, has started issuing DMCA takedown notices to YouTube channels that have WildStar music in their tracks..  So, hopefully the Carbine crew can do something about that, since if people end up having all their videos muted (or take them down because of DMCA notices)… it’ll suck.


Protobucks went live this week… with the conversion tool in the in game store.. make sure you convert your Protobucks before June 22nd, so you can get issued your bonus bucks for conversion on that date.  As part of the store changes, a new “streamlined” account inventory that now puts any store purchases directly into the inventory of the character you purchased them on (unless they’re account bound), along with any daily login rewards you claim, went live… that change has been received… poorly.  Fortunately, there’s been some good dialogue with Carbine on the forums about the changes, and it sounds like they’re working on some upcoming fixes to address some of the concerns.


And really… that’s the big news for the week from Carbine (and, the Soundtrack release would have been enough on it’s own).  I’m expecting we’ll see news regarding Steam launch this coming week, because I still think they’re going to try and time it with the Anniversary on June 3rd.


Community News:

WildCast released Episode 88 on Friday.. head over and give it a listen.

The big weekend Community news, is (well.. was, since it’s over now) Thaydfest 4 was the 22nd (yeah, I know.. it’s the day after the ‘week’ for these weekly updates what?)  😛   There were costume contests, mini-golf, laser tag..and all kinds of fun to be had (I wasn’t able to attend, but did peek in via Twitter updates from people that were there).  Congrats to all the people that won the contests, big thanks to all folks at Black Dagger Society for taking the time to put the event together!



That’s it for the week.. I’ll see you in Nexus!

Carbine continues to prep for the Steam release… this week, we found out that as part of that preparation, NCoin are going bye-bye (for WildStar only, other NCSoft titles will continue to use them).  We now get Protobucks!

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 07.21.20


In addition to now getting to have a little Phineas in our pockets.. we can also now get bonus Protobucks by buying larger quantities at once (you know, that thing all the other F2P games do with their real money currency)!

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 07.27.24


Starting on the 18th (after maintenance), Protobucks go into effect.  You’ll need to convert your NCoin over to PB… but, if you play other NCSoft games.. be aware.. it’s a one way conversion.. there is no ability to go from PB to NCoin if you convert more than intended.

Conversion will be a 1:1 value.. but, don’t fret! if You’re sitting on a lot of NCoin, and you convert it one to one… Carbine is going to go through at the end of the June, and apply the bonus math for every thing converted between May 18th and June 15th.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 07.31.01

I’m not sitting on a big NCoin stash.. I spend it pretty much as fast as I buy it… but, if you’ve stockpiled some, make sure you convert it doing the bonus window, otherwise you’ll only get the one to one conversion.


If you’ve been logging in every day since F2P launch, you should have receive your day 230 login reward… the laser scanner from the Dominion Arkship!



Speaking of login rewards… quick PSA regarding the lockbox key weekly reward for Signature status.  The keys are unique.  You have to have claimed it from your account inventory, before you can claim your next key reward.. and the countdown timer doesn’t start (for the next one) till the key hits your account inventory.  So, if you’re like me and had been planning on stockpiling keys for a chase event, or a weekend full of Adventures/Dungeons/Expeditions… you can’t.  So be sure to claim the keys from account inventory ASAP after your weekly cooldown resets!


Signature packs bought through the NStore (which, I guess I’ll need to start calling something else now that NCoin are going away).. now also provide Cosmic Points on a level closer to what you get if you bought the Signature status via a recurring subscription through the website (if you buy the Signature packs that provide extra goodies, you can actually get more Cosmic Points than a regular subscription provides).


In the ‘sad news’ category.. Mike Donattelli confirmed this week that he is no longer with Carbine, presumably, he’s going to be spending some time focusing on his health, before jumping into his next gig.  I wish him all the best, and can’t wait to see where he goes next.

NCSoft also released their 1Q numbers this week…and WildStar’s numbers are.. ummm.. well… less than stellar.  There was a pretty substantial drop in sales from 4Q (F2P launch) to 1Q:


Hopefully the changes Carbine has been making to the store (more account boundedness, better price points, etc) will help make 2Q look better.. Steam release will also help some.  No doom and gloom from me, but there’s plenty of it out there after these numbers hit.  I’m hopeful that next quarter’s numbers will climb up a bit.  I will say that maybe this is further proof that Carbine has made it too easy to play the game without spending any money, combine with some initial mis-steps on pricing in the store.. it hurt them.  I’d expect we’ll see some more revisions to store practices, and potentially even some shifting of more features behind a pay-wall (or Cosmic Reward tier).

Here’s my quick suggestion for an item I think would sell well.. Bank slot increases that are multi-claim.. I don’t want to buy one bank slot on each character.. but I’ll gladly buy a token that unlocks that slot across the board.


That’s pretty much it for official news this week.  Hopefully we’ll get some ETAs for Aurin Engineers, the limited faction wall drop, and you know.. a Steam launch soon (If I had to bet, I’d put Steam launch around the Anniversary..because then they can combine launch with anniversary shenanigans).


In happier news.. Mayor DasMoose has given us a new video we can all spam at Pappy to express our desire for the #WildStarOST:

He’s done a great job providing snippets and highlights of the amazing soundtrack that Jeff Kurtenacker has put together for WildStar… so, hopefully we’ll get more news on the Soundtrack front soon (and, make sure you let Pappy, and the WildStar account know, via your social media of choice, that you’d like the soundtrack)!


Other Community news:

Thaydfest (Put on by the great BDS folks) is this weekend! make sure you stop by and have fun, and help out if you can.  Get all the details here.CEXVMM6


The folks over at WildCast recorded last night, and based on past history.. we should be getting some news from Carbine today or tomorrow.. since they have a habit of dropping big news right after AvidGuru and crew get done.

Former Community Manager Tony Rey, has put a couple of WildStar PAX Pins up on eBay.. still some time left if you want to try and win them. Based on what he’s said on Twitter, he’s got a bunch of swag he plans on putting up at some point.. so, don’t bookmark his eBay account, that way there is less competition for me!



Big exciting stuff out of Carbine last week…

First… Vault of the Archon is now live… so you can get the continuation of the World Story – you do need to have completed the OMNICore-1 quest chain to pick up the VoA one.. so if you didn’t do it due to leveling during one of the double XP events.. head over to the Defile, and talk to Drusera.  You need to do either the solo version of the Lightspire event, or the open world/group version.

This patch also added the new, new player tutorial to the live server..and, sneakily, changed the opening cinematic to a new version of the ‘What is WildStar’ video… which is not up on their YouTube channel yet.. but, you can see it on the update Steam Page (which, still has no release date on it!).

And.. I’m torn between which of these next bits of news I’m most excited for.. so I’ll start with the ‘sure thing’.  Meerkat has come back and given us the results of the Class/Race DevConnect:


Yeah… that’s right… that’s an Aurin Engineer (incidentally, she’s rocking the Red Moon Terror tier set).

I mean sure… we’re also getting Chua Warriors.. but really.. the Aurin Engineer looks amazing!  Here’s the full announcement from CRB.. no dates provided yet for when we’ll get the new Race/Class combos:

Hey Everybody,

I wanted to follow up with all of you now that the Race/Class Combos DevConnect is finished.

First off, I would like to thank you all for participating in the discussion. We have received a lot of wonderful suggestions (including Granok Stalker J).

We also might have hinted at the fact that Carbine has been working on making certain race/class combinations available. Today we are making it official! By popular demand, our first two new combinations will be…

Chua Warrior!

Aurin Engineer!

But that’s not all! As many of you had suggested and requested in DevConnect, we will also be offering race and gender changes in the Chop Shop.  If your Granok Engineer isn’t cutting it, then turn him into a female Aurin and get back to business!

We will be sharing more specific information in the coming weeks about how and when Chua Warriors, Aurin Engineers, and race and gender changes will be available in the future. Until then, thank you all once again for being a part of our Race/Class Combos DevConnect! And stay tuned for more coming soon!


So, not only are we getting two new Race/Class combinations… we’re also getting the much request Race/Gender change ability..and, in what is a surprising move.. not locked in the NStore.. we’ll be able to do it via the Chop Shop (which means, Service Tokens, and/or large amounts of Plat)..I know I’ll be hitting the Chop shop for a new race for my soon as this is available, especially since I’m over limit on Characters, and can’t delete/re-roll someone to make a new Engineer.

The other big news was teased during the return of the WildStar stream… now called the Nexus Report.. On the stream (in addition to playing through VoA, so don’t go watch the stream if you are trying to avoid spoilers till you play through), Pappy teased us with a possible release of the WildStar OST (Featuring the rocking Kurtentunes from the amazing Jeff Kurtenacker.. this time, he says they’re officially ‘gauging interest’.  So, be sure to let Pappy know that you are interested in getting a copy of the soundtrack, so you can keep a little bit of Nexus with you…even while slaving away at the office!



The soundtrack related bit starts at about 37 minutes into the stream, so you can skip to it if you’re trying to avoid spoilers on the new tutorial zone (which is what has been covered so far on the stream). It’s some pretty high grade trolling by the Carbine about ‘hypothetical’, undiscussed, potential OST… I can’t wait!