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Okay not really.. but, I thought it was a funny “headline”, blame Buzzfeed for everyone needing a Clickbaity headline (LOL!).

TimeTravel stopped by a “wish list” thread on the forums today, to drop a few nuggets of goodness.. there’s some good stuff in here:


Hiyo! There is a lot of good feedback and some fun ideas in this thread. We thought it might be cool to let you know our current thought process and/or plans for some of these suggestions:

Regularly Scheduled Fair Warning – If it’s not currently in the game, then plans can change. Anything mentioned could be moved up/back/cancelled/etc. Stuff that is still in development is… well, still in development, so please keep that in mind. =)


New Raid Flex from 10-20

  • Flex raid tech is something we want to do. It will not be part of the next raid tier (Redmoon), but will be under serious investigation for future content!

Change Raid Lockouts to be Boss by Boss

  • Turns out, we agree! We are currently planning to make this transition along with the next raid tier. More details on this in the future once we’re a lot closer.


Flex raid, I think is a much better alternative to a WoW style “LFR” with content so nerfed, it almost only requires showing up to the raid.  Flex raid, for anyone not familiar with the term.. would use scaling technology (similar to what Expeditions get) to adjust the raid to work with any number of people in-between whatever group sizes Carbine wants (in the example 10-20 people).  Thought process being smaller guilds who may not have 20 raiders would be able to complete the content, without having to find another raid group to group with (and deal with the potential accompanying loot drama).  It’d also allow the ‘big’ raiding guilds, to not have to cancel a night if a few raiders couldn’t show up, and no one was available to fill in.

Lockout changes would just mean you could kill boss 1 with group A, and later in the week kill boss 2 with group B (without messing up group A’s raid).

Both of those are good for raiding, as TT says, switching to flex raid technology will take awhile, but it’s something to look forward to.


Merge Servers [combined with] Add Incentives to Flag Yourself for PvP

  • This is a high priority thing internally. We can’t give any details as to our plans at this moment, but hope to be able to do so within the next few weeks. We definitely want to improve the experience for PvP players and add additional incentives for players to participate in open-world PvP.


I haven’t personally checked, but, comments on Reddit, the forums, and elsewhere indicate the PvP servers (in both regions) are..not as well populated as the PvE servers.. since the only way off the PvP servers right now is the $20/character transfer.. people aren’t thrilled about that.  It’ll be interesting to see if Carbine goes the server merge (again) route, and put everyone in each region on one big MegaServer (I wonder how Carbine would handle name conflicts between players/guilds this time around).. or if they’ll find another way to help the population on the PvP servers.


Add a YOLO Queue to Arenas

  • Multiqueuing is in the works, and is an improvement to our queuing system that we are very stoked about!

  • However, we’re doubtful that ‘YOLO Queue’ will get approved as a queue-type-name. But, non-full-team arena queueing is currently part of the multiqueuing feature.

For me, the multi-queuing is the best part of this tidbit.. I would love to be able to queue for Dungeons, Adventures, and PvP all at the same time, and just take whichever one popped first.. rather than having to decide which one I want to queue for, and (essentially) being locked out of the other content while waiting for the queue to pop.


Release on Steam

  • *awkward silence, but a knowing look*




So, I’m going to go against the ‘popular’ opinion here.. I don’t want WildStar released on Steam.  Simply because that means that Carbine/NCSoft have to split revenue with Valve…and given how – awkward – the current pricing model can be, I’d hate to see them try and raise their prices by whatever percent that split is.  I’d rather Carbine keep all of their money..and hopefully lower the cash store prices just a smidge.


More Account Bound Stuff

  • We agree! No details to share here, really, but we’ll continue moving in that direction





Incentives for Pets

  • No plans at this time. Are you really not swayed by these ADORABLE FACES?! Why are you so heartless?!



I don’t understand the request.. mini-pets don’t need incentives! Their cuteness is the incentive they need (and, to be account bound, and just a tad cheaper).



More Communication

  • Trust us, you don’t want to talk to most of us before we’ve had 1-3 gallons of coffee. It’s… nightmare fuel. =P

  • No, seriously, we are going to be making a concerted effort going forward to communicate more with all of you!



More communication is always good…and, as long as you guys are reading wish lists… I’ve got one too.

This morning’s maintenance brought a small patch with it.. beware, for some people it also reset click-to-cast settings, so if you’re seeing funky behavior.. check that.  I’ve also seen a few reports about tooltips not showing up when mousing over things in the Auction House…


Here’s the notes from this morning’s patch:


  • General
    • Optimized the client to help with performance when a player adjusts decor on a plot with a large amount of decor placed.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the Techno-Phage weapon skins to get removed from costumes when logging in.
    • Adjusted the difficulty and damage output of some NPC enemies pre-level 15 to improve feel.
    • The Overflowing Chest of Crafting Vouchers will now stack to 100.
  • Classes
    • Warrior
      • Abilities
        • Augmented Blade
          • Is now correctly removed when dropping below the Kinetic Energy threshold while mounted.
        • Power Link
          • Is now correctly removed when dropping below the Kinetic Energy threshold while mounted.
  • Content
    • Ellevar
      • The Quest “Fair Trade” will no longer fail to clean up if the players participating in it leave the game during a holdout.
    • Southern Grimvault
      • Players should no longer be able to kite the Elder Gorganoth world boss to quest hubs.
  • Raids
    • Datascape
      • Limbo Infomatrix
        • Fixed an issue that was causing pathing and spell placement issues with the Mirage Temples.
  • Economy
    • Items
      • Runes
        • Fixed an issue with runes not dropping at the appropriate level in all cases.
    • Madame Fay’s Fortunes
      • The value of “Green Card” currency rewards has been increased
      • Renamed the “Jungle Dye” from Madam Fay to match its name in the Holo-Wardrobe: Wilderrun Dye.
      • The Madame Fay Rune Bag has been updated with a proper name and flavor text.
  • Housing
    • Primal Blaze now has an icon.
    • Dump Diving: Fixed an issue with the housing challenge Dump Diving that was preventing the top-most garbage piles from being used more than once.
    • Fixed certain remodel options on certain houses incorrectly changing when other remodel options were selected.
    • Boxing Gym: Added tooltip description for the debuff on the spell ‘Jaw Breaker’
    • Boxing Gym: The ‘Haymaker’ ability no longer incorrectly shows a tooltip on the target
    • Decor
      • Removed a hole in the ‘Eldan Pulpit’ from the Sim-Chase event decor pack.
      • Decor can be placed and manipulated normally inside the Protostar Mini-House.
      • Giggle-Me-Gaffo plush decor now rests on the ground properly when moved.
  • Itemization
    • Imbuements
      • Items which activate quests can no longer be traded within the bind-on-pickup trade window.
  • User Interface
    • Addons
      • Abilities Builder
        • Fixed an issue that allowed players to set abilities in locked ability slots.
      • Character
        • Fixed an issue that caused Title selection buttons to be unresponsive.
      • Character Creation
        • Fixed an error caused when loading certain character codes during Character Creation.
      • Chop Shop
        • Fixed an issue that caused Face Style options to cost more than expected.
      • Collectibles
        • Fixed an issue that caused the Search window to disappear when the “Clear Text” button is pressed.
      • Guild
        • Fixed an issue that caused the Right Click menu to prematurely close in the Guild and Circles UIs
      • Housing
        • Fixed the Search Filter in the Crate window.
        • Fixed an error that occurred when the player placed their last piece of decor that was in their crate.
      • Options
        • Fixed an issue that caused input to not work correctly when the “Hold to continuously cast” option was selected, but the “Press and Hold vs Double Tap” option was not.
      • Store
        • Fixed issue where GBP and EUR symbols were not correctly showing in the UI
      • Tutorial
        • “Learning to Shop” will no longer be pushed to players still on the Arkships.
      • Vendor
        • Fixed an issue that prevented the player from repairing items after using the Guild Repair All button.
    • Nameplates
      • Guild affiliation in a player’s nameplate will now be properly saved when it is set.
  • Installation/Launcher
    • Fixed an issue where the WildStar launcher would sometimes not report if a user’s video card did not meet the minimum specifications at install time.

Content Tease!

In case you missed it today Team WildStar gave us a tease of upcoming, so far un-announced content!


It looks like it’s a giant augmented Osun… which would be…. AWESOME!


And, so, the speculation begins!  Presumably, this is drop 7 which was shown to media (and under embargo) back on the 13th.. if so, it means we’ll start seeing information on what was released soon.

Based on other Carbine comments.. it’s not a raid.. so, new Dungeon? New Zone? New Expedition?  What could it be!!?!!?


Tell us Carbine! Tell us!

NStore Update-1-13-2016

Just a small update from Carbine for the NStore today.. two items.

Floral Equivar is back, with a single character (790 NCoin), and account wide (1380 NCoin) option:

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 21.12.07

The other item is a weapon skin pack:

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 21.13.31


The SpellSlinger Pistols have a cool animation.. so to try and show it off, and go over the rest of the NStore update.. made a quick video:

Bot Problems!

This weekend, I finally encountered the oft discussed bot issue (which, from what I’d read was more prevalent on the EU servers).  I queued up for BGs on my mid-level SpellSlinger….and got into Walatiki.. only to see:


10 v 10 BG…and 19 people in the BG were bots (my teammates, and the entire other team).  I continued to queue up for BGs (trying a few low level alts).. for Science! and.. it didn’t get much better.  Out of about 8 BGs… 3 had other players in them.. and one of those didn’t have any real players on the Dominion side, until a couple of Bots disconnected.  Want to see what a team full of bots looks like?



This match, I had another person on my team… so I’ve blocked out their name on the raid frame.. because.. they’re not a bot!

Seems people on both factions are using the same bot, it’s behavior is very obvious… they don’t move after zoning into the BG.. until about 10-15 seconds after the gates opened..then they all run to the middle..and stand there shooting..lather..rinse…repeat.

Now..sure.. this does make it easy to get the various achievements for killing X number of Y race, or be the top healer (they don’t heal.. so casting a single healing spell will get you this one), or any of the other PvP related ones – except to steal 3 masks in the same match… since the Bots don’t touch the masks.. you can only steal the one they start with.  It’s decidedly.. no fun to end up in a BG without another real person in it though.

There’s no strategy, no risk, no competition… no nothing except 18-19 characters standing in the middle all using the same attack on anything standing there.  While I do prefer my PvP in BGs, as opposed to getting ganked in the open world… it’s “Player vs Player”.. not “Player vs nobody since the bots are all standing in the middle”.

I reported all the bots I came up against… which, will hopefully let Carbine take appropriate action… the only immediate thing it did.. was lengthen my queue time a little, while it found different bots for me to get grouped with..If you end up in a BG with a Bot.. make sure you report it – don’t accidentally report a real player should you be grouped with one though.

Carbine if you’re listening… you gotta do something about the bots.. I know they’re rampant on EU servers, and they appear to be getting more common on the US servers… start swinging that Ban Hammer!


Madame Fay Restocking!

Just in case you hadn’t heard yet.. Team WildStar announced (via Reddit.. what’s up with that? why no post on the official site?) that on Wednesday the 13th of January.. Madame Fay will be reshuffling her inventory.

Leaving her stock will be:

  • Mini Maw
  • Baby Vulcarribot
  • Hoverboard (Lopp) Package
  • Orbitron (Classic)
  • Protostar Spider-Rider
  • Star Captain Costume Bag
  • Sci-Tek Weapon Container
  • Exile Guard Transfer Papers
  • Grimvoid Marauder Customization Kit
  • Dominion Guard Transfer Papers

As yet unannounced items will be filling in the inventory gaps caused by these items going away.. If you’re hoping to get one of these items…Better start giving it a go.. you’ve only got a few days left!