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NStore update -12-30-2015

Even though the majority of the Carbine staff is out of office for the holidays… there was still a store update this morning.

We got the now customary “Hey, we updated with new shiny stuff” new post from Team WildStar here.

Today’s update brought two new minipets, a new costume, a new mount, and some New Year’s Eve themed Hoverboard flair!

Starting with what I think is the coolest bit of today’s update… the mount Flair! new-years-store-update-fireworks-flair

Buckets of Champagne, and Sparklers! Who doesn’t need that to Celebrate a New Year coming to Nexus (or, you know.. Earth…or, I guess.. whatever planet you’re currently living on).

The mount flair is single character claimable only.. but, It’s priced correctly (IMO) for that at 120 NCoin/60 Omnibits.. I’ll probably grab a couple of these.

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 17.25.31

Screenshot doesn’t do it justice, but the Champagne flows out of the top of the bottle..very cool animation.

What better way to ring in the new year (besides shooting Champagne all over Nexus while hovering around?) than with… Fireworks!

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 17.29.54

Another single character useable item..but, again.. priced appropriately for that.. and at 80 NCoin/40 Omnibits.. picking up a few for your alts.. is not going to bankrupt you.

Explosions and Champagne not your cup of tea? Perhaps you’d prefer a nice new companion to start the year off with?

Beaksy might fit that need!  One of two minipets added with today’s update, Beaksy is available in both single character, and account wide variants.. 490 NCoin/245 Omnibits for single claim, 860 NCoin/430 Omnibits for account wide.

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 17.35.31

Looking for a new friend, that is maybe a little less feathery? Sniffles is the second pet added today, and the poor guy looks like he could use a warm housing plot to stay in:

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 17.37.19

See? The poor guy is covered in ice!

Looking for a new ride to start the new year out with?  Got you covered there too…  Another reskin of the Velocirex has been added with today’s update too.  Nice golden colored fella..

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 17.40.23

Available in either single character, or account wide options as well (790 NCoin/395 Omnibits for single character. 1380 NCoin/690 Omnibits for the account wide option), still feels a little expensive for a mount (though, the account wide option feels less pricey to me).. I think I’d rather see both prices dropped by about 100 NCoin. Still, as Velocirexs go.. this is a handsome looking fella.

Last, but certainly not least… a new costume set has been added to the store as well.. simply called “Veteran”.. it feels very “Fallout-y” to me.. but that’s a good thing!

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 17.47.18

Like all costume pieces, the Veteran is usable for all characters, via the holo-wardrobe.  Coming in at 790 NCoin/395 Omnibits.. It’s in a good price point (IMO) for costumes.

For a holiday week, when I certainly wasn’t expecting any updates from Team WildStar.. this is a nice little surprise, and at reasonable prices (Just don’t tell my wife I’m buying more stuff)!


Hope everyone has a good New Year’s celebration.. whether it’s on Nexus, or out in the real world.. remember.. you can drink and hoverboard in game.. don’t drink and drive out in the real world.. our crypt keepers don’t have the same smart ass replies as Nexus’ do… they like to keep you!

Site News

So, yeah.. clearly.. it’s been awhile since I’ve been able to update the site.  Sorry about that.  Between work, and family stuff.. RL was kicking my butt (I swear.. my detour to the Boston Wasteland wasn’t responsible!).  Again, I apologize for the lack of content.. It’s not what I intended.. I had some time to either game, or write about gaming… I chose to game  😛

Work has settled down a bit, so my goal is to get back to regular updates.. ideally with some new content being created too (video previews of stuff, editorials, etc..).  If there’s anything specific you’d like to see, please let me know.


This week’s WildStar weekly stream on Thursday, kicked off with a special introduction by none other than Papa Phineas!

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 00.04.05

Yeah, somehow DD, and Maggie convinced Cory Herndon (one of the WildStar writers, and the voice of Papa Phineas – and the rest of the clones) to dress as Papa Phineas for the stream.. somehow, I suspect large bribes were involved.

Contrary to the spirit of Prostar’s Wintefest Gala Extravaganze, by Protostar… Team WildStar was giving things away… for free in the stream.. poor Papa P (Phineas, not Pappy) was probably quite upset..

This week’s giveaways were all holiday themed:

Orbiter Mount, Papa Phineas costume, two different Holiday Cards – to be signed by as many Devs as DD can get her hands on before Carbine goes on Winterfest break.

The newly announced 12 Days of Winterfest giveaway was discussed.  This is a nice, simple giveaway that anyone playing WildStar can have a chance at winning…all you need to do is login every day for 12 Days starting December 18th.  The number of winners each day, increases as the contest goes on.. from 1 winner on the first day, to (you guessed it!) 12 winners on the 12th day!  What can you win just for logging in (besides the daily login reward?) All kinds of Winterfest goodies:

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 01.48.32

So, make sure you’re logging in, and eligible to win!

Winners are total, across all regions/servers.. so 12 total on the last day, not 12 from US, 12 from EU.

The stream also included guest appearances by two Community Members.  Jazzy from WildStar DataCube, and Nexus’ very own Mayor.. Das Moose!

Unfortunately, audio issues really prevented us from hearing what Moose and Jazzy had to say.. they were hardly audible for the bulk of their time on the show =(.

Moose’s Space Chase housing plot was shown off, and Jazzy was talked to about WS Datacube’s recent launch..

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 00.30.32


Very nice stream, and glad to see Team WildStar bringing notable folks from the community on the stream.. it’s nice for folks like Moose and Jazzy to get some of the recognition they deserve.. hopefully they’ll be invited back after all the audio issues are figured out.. so we can hear what they had to say..

Lastly, DD pimped a newly announced fan driven in-game Scavenger Hunt.. granted, it’s for filthy Dominion scum.. but, I suppose even they’re entitled to some Winterfest Cheer!

Sindiris Twitchit is running the Entity Dominion event.. full details can be found in the forums here.

Speaking of community ran events… if Housing competitions are more up your’re in luck!  I know of two competitions running right now.. one by the fine folks in the Black Dagger Society, and the other by the fine folks in the EU Guild Venus Rising.  If you’ve got a WinterFestastic housing plot.. enter both! win cool prizes!