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One of the lesser talked about changes in the WildStar:Reloaded patch that is pretty cool, is the ability to play in the opposite region of your account (NA/EU).

There was a brief discussion about it today on Twitter with the WildStar Core folks, and that has inspired this quick post, to make sure everyone knows you can do this.. and, how to do it!

First, the how to.  This is the fast part… click the little Gear icon in the top right of the launcher.. you’ll see this screen:


To switch regions.. all you need to do is click on either Europe, or North America.. wherever you want to play for that session!

Now, all the caveats for cross-region play.

  • Clearly, Ping is going to be a bigger issue – normally a bigger factor in PvP than PvE.
  • Characters are region specific – you can’t move that 50 around.. you’ll need to start from scratch in the other region.
  • Account bound stuff will be available though.
  • Your Account is still a NA or EU account – so CREDD, and Giveaways (Fancy Pants Jackets, game codes, etc) must still be for your actual region.

That’s everything I know about cross-region play right now.. so if you’ve got friends on the other side of the you can play with ’em!

In case you’ve been disconnected from the world (it even trended on Twitter!)  WildStar is now free to play.. they threw a giant party on stream last night… and it was FUN.

We got visits from Bardic, TimeTravel, Joe Pie, and more… got to see Pappy defeat Meerkat in a 2 out of 3 PvP Match (Pappy smoked him!)… they did a ton of giveaways of Rowsdower plushies, Shirts, etc… (Note, I still don’t have a Rowsdower plushy!).  The ‘live from Times Square’ bit with Donattelli wasn’t as smooth as I think they’d have wanted (audio problems primarily)..

The Twitch Chat was mostly respectful, but man was it scrolling by quickly, even when they kicked it into slow mode… hats off to the folks doing that moderating.

They announced the winners of the Granok bust, and the Razer Blade from their Free to Play Giveaway… I won neither (not my lucky night, clearly)…

They’ll be hosting various Big Name Streamers playing WildStar on their channel all day.. so check some of them out.

The crowning activity of the night (except for the whole, you know..servers coming back up thing).. was the release of the full trailer that we’ve been getting teased with since the F2P Announcement took place.

Here’s the Trailer..I’ve already watched it more times than I should probably admit (#ExilesForever!)



I love the ‘shout outs’ to in game things.. The Marauder from the ‘Classes’ Flick playing cards with someone who looks like Deadeye, the Esper riding the Glitter Kitty Hoverboard, the SpellSlinger using the same skin for his pistols that my Slinger users, the look at a Giant Tree guy resembling Elderroot, and of course.. the Chua getting an Esper in the face is always good to see 😛

The song, while not being done by Jeff Kurtenacker, is pretty catchy. and if we ever get a WildStar OST.. I’d like to see it on there.

I still think this trailer is a setup for what would make an awesome Saturday Morning cartoon.. so get on that Carbine!  🙂

If you’ve been away from WildStar for a while, or never played, now is the time to jump back in.. the servers were crowded with people last night!

Here’s the details on what Notes From Nexus is going to do to help celebrate the launch of the WildStar reloaded patch:

Tonight, I’m watching the official WildStar stream to see who wins the Razer Blade (and, more importantly, that shiny Granok bust)… and to see the full version of the trailer they’ve been teasing us with.

Tomorrow (Tuesday the 29th).. I’m going to be streaming most of the day.  I’ll probably start a new Character, and see how far I can get in a day.  If you’re on Entity, and playing Exile.. leave a comment and we can try and meet up in game to level together!

I’ll be doing some random giveaways throughout the day tomorrow.. I’ll announce them before hand on Twitter.. so keep an eye out!

Yesterday, TimeTravel made a triumphant return to Casual Friday.. to spend some time House Jumping…and answering Questions about the F2P conversion, but mainly raids/dungeons.

The first house we see.. is TimeTravel’s…and, he decorates like I do… everything that provides a rested XP bonus put out, and kinda strewn around.

The Exile Plots we got to look at:

  • Malzek RainFury
  • Miss Diagnose
  • Thiira Kellerman

The Dominion plots were:

  • Codemike Technician
  • Duke The
  • Emperor Myrcalus

During Malzek RainFury’s plot, TT took the opportunity to get a jab in at Tony’s discovery that a room wasn’t a torture room (it was a BDSM room) during one of the Zero to Fifty streams…

Questions for this week were:

Q: More incentive to run adventures in F2P?
A: To be investigated, nothing on the table right now.

Q: Mastercrafted weapons/gear be BoE?
A: Crafted will be BoE, equipping for Embuement binds them.

Q: Rough timetable on next raid content?
A: Not this week, will announce when ready.

Q: Updated lists of instanced content by level.
A: Content finder will break that out and display it for WildStar:Reloaded

Q: ARe you going to add more raids anytime soon.. 10 man?
A: Not creating 10 man raid.. world bosses intended to be stepping stone between 5 person and 20 person content. so can be 10 man’d if you’re good.

Q: PvP Leaderboards?
A: Yes, they’re currently in the forums not on the site though. Its a placeholder though.. they want a more solid leaderboard in the future.

Q: More rewards for doing PvP?
A: Reloaded will also bring season 2 for PvP..not on day 1. Season 2 will start a few weeks after patch hits.. use time for balance/bugs/etc..armor sets will be rewards in new season (cosmetic)

Q: Perks for continuing to pay subscription after F2P?
A: Lots… describes signature benefits.

Q: Can we make shop play in F2P stop blinking?
A: Suggest it on the forums and it can be brought up with the UI team. Part of business model, has to have some level of attention called to it.

Q: Ever give out Boomboxes again?
A: Maybe some day.

Q: Can we get a toy of the person grapple from Maelstrom?
A: TT Explains the raid mechanic in question (sounds neat – used to move between platforms, or get back on platform after boss attack) plans to give to anyone outside the instance

Q: Can’t talk about raid itself yet, but is there any leeway for knowing general difficulty of raid?
A: Raids not intentionally being nerfed, but as new gear comes out, old content becomes easier. PvE raid sets not useable in PvP (and vice versa).

Q: Toybox for all the toys, or added to collectible tab?
A: On the wishlist.

Q: How many vanity mounts will there be?
A: Can’t give them all away, but there will be lots.

Q: If you guys owned any of the cosmetics, which would you say was the most popular?
A: Black/White dye is the most popular right now for players. Snarflelynx mount is cool too.

Q: Did Tony smell like Pumpkin Spice?
A: Tony always smells like Pumpkin Spice.

Q: Oceanic Servers coming with F2P?
A: Not at this time..Megaservers for everyone!

Q: Dawngrazer mount?
A: Can’t say yes, can’t say no.

Q: Race/Sex changes?
A: On the wishlist, not with Reloaded.

Q: Servers ready?
A: Yes..

Q: Player Housing get a log book of all previously encountered mobs?
A: Housing doesn’t get leaderboards. Training FABKits are probably the closest now.

Q: Multi-queue?
A: Someday

Q: Class/Race combo additions?
A: Lots of opportunity cost due to animation, armor artwork, etc..

Q: Would TimeTravel fight a Boulderback sized Jabbit, or a thousand jabbit sized boulderbacks.
A: Latter, because it sounds adorable.

Q: More love for EU
A: We love you EU!

Q: Dyes account bound with F2P, if not, is there a plan?
A: Some are, some aren’t.

Q: Wildstar being rebranded to WildStar reloaded?
A: Nope, just the name of the drop.

Q: How big is the patch on Tuesday?
A: Many gigs!

Q: Will you do some expansions?
A: Someday

Q: How often will new raids be released?
A: As often as we can, current raid tier has taken a long time, want to do it much quicker in the future.

Q: Can we copy all the PTR folders to live to reduce downtime?
A: You can, but CRB recommends a clean download, it can cause weirdness to copy over.

Q: How do I choose Exile or Dominon, how different is gameplay?
A: No differences in mechanics.

Q: What new system do you have for RPers?
A: RP systems don’t get players killed, outside of TT’s realm.

Q: What will the ingame store look like, and can we use ingame currency to buy stuff?
A: Log into PTR to look..yes, you can use omnibits.

Q: Plans to add more 18 slot bags?
A: No.

Q: Community roundtable for 2015?
A: Want to, probably end up happening in 2016 though.


Multiple Fancy Pants Jacket codes were given away during the stream.

We already know that the servers are coming up at Midnight EDT on Monday Night/Tuesday morning.. what we didn’t know yet.. was when they were going down… Now.. we know! (and knowing is half the battle!).

Delakron has released the news via a tweet:

So, if you’ve got some last minute things to do….now is the time to do them!  Finish up all your last minute stock piling, hoard your mats.. stockpile your food and drinks.. and get ready for one heck of a down time.

Carbine has announced the official launch date/time of the WildStar:Reload patch (aka, Drop 6, aka, F2P conversion):

WildStar: Reloaded launches at 9:01pm PDT/12:01am EDT on September 29, and we’re throwing a countdown party live on Twitch!

They’re streaming the countdown timer now, and Omeed has said Team WildStar will be popping in and out of the stream between now and Monday to chat, and potentially do some giveaways!


Here’s the rest of the announcement blurb:

Join us on 28 starting at 6pm PDT/9pm EDT for interviews, giveaways, special guests, and a night full of interplanetary shenanigans as we count down to a massive new game update, and the free-to-play launch at midnight Eastern. We’ll pass off the final countdown to Futuremangaming live from Times Square in New York where he’ll unveil the world premiere of the new WildStar launch trailer, and signal the official opening of the game servers.


I wonder if we can get the NFL to cancel Monday Night Football this week, so there are no distractions from the WildStar stream?

Time to get HYPED!