Looking for best way to capture your character’s badass new costume in a screenshot? Tired of trying to find a quiet spot alone where you’re not getting photobombed by everyone in Thayd?  Character Shot is the AddOn for you!

This very cool AddOn allows you to change backgrounds between a few different colors.. including green, for green screening your character into a movie poster:


Or, you know.. into a WildStar related screenshot.. look, my Medic was on the Casual Friday stream!


Or, you can take things a little more seriously, The AddOn also allows you to scroll through a list of animations, and trigger your Character to use that animation.  The Author also has added a list of the animations, and their sequence numbers linked from the addon page.


Mousing over the bottom of the window that pops up after using /shot to open the AddOn, gives you a menu with all the AddOns options:


From Left to right, the buttons are:

  • Show Animation Tools
  • Show Animation List
  • Show Look Tools (opens a window that lets you adjust sliders like in the character creation system)
  • Show Tools (This allows you to change cameras, and equip items if you know the item number)Nebula_Holliday.151028.171605Show Tools again (this one will trigger multiple views of your character):


Not all of the listed cameras will work for every race, the item preview based cameras, only work on Human models, for example.

Overall, this is a great addon for fashion hounds…it’ll make it easy for you to put together your Sunday Finest..and submit it over on or, in your favorite ‘submit your character’s costume’ thread on the forums.  Or, you know… in smart ass articles on your own website…  😛

Have an alt (or 10)? Can’t remember who’s bag you stuck that pile of seeds into? Can’t remember what schematics your Armorer knows?’re in luck! There’s an Addon for that!

Generalist is an Altoholic’s dream.

Things Generalist tracks:

  • Inventory across alts
  • In Game Currencies
  • Schematics known
  • Reputations
  • Basic gear comparison (doesn’t take runes into account)
  • Total Levels across all alts

Things Generalist Doesn’t track:

  • Bank Inventory (limitation of API)
  • Time spent in holo-wardrobe for each alt (Thankfully! 😛 )


Generalist doesn’t require any configuration, just install it, and log onto each of your alts to get their data imported into it’s files.  Once you’ve ‘added’ your alts info to the addon.. you’ll start to see all the extra information appear in your tooltips:

Tooltip1Look at all those YellowBell Seeds! Jealous, aren’t you?  😛

You’ll also be able to see level, path, gold, and location information for all your alts (in case, you forget where you left someone):

Tooltip2Know you’ve got a ProtoStar Space Ration stuffed somewhere, but don’t remember who (and no one else has one so you can’t just mouse over it to see the tooltip info) that search button… and quickly get all the matches, from all your alts:


Never lose your precious items by having them scattered across 12 characters again!

Generalist’s current maintainer is Tenpi over on Curse, and he’s working hard to squash a few bugs that have cropped up since F2P went live (Carbine made a bunch of API changes).  If you want to give Generalist a try, and I strongly recommend you do, you can grab the most recent stable version from Curse… here.  If you like it, let Tenpi know!