Pappy made his statement on the future of the game Monday afternoon:

Last Friday was an extremely difficult day for Carbine. As many of you know, WildStar has not been performing as well as we had hoped, and because of that it was necessary to reduce the size of our team. Events like this are never easy. To be completely clear, this does not at all reflect on the talent, dedication, or passion of the individuals who were affected. Each and every one of them worked hard to improve and enhance the game, bringing their creative energy to work each day despite the challenges we were facing. It has been my privilege to work with them on this team, and I hope the best for them in the future.

That being said, I wanted to make sure that everyone understands that this is not the end for WildStar. The team here at Carbine is still dedicated to the game and its community, and we will be continuing on the path that I outlined in my last state of the game update. Destination Arcterra will launch within the next three weeks. WildStar’s Steam release will come this spring, and those updates will be followed by a succession of game improvements, new content, new systems and live events.

Work is continuing on Redmoon Terror, Halon Ring, and Evil from the Ether (our next expedition). The Item Upgrades system is still also in development, as well as new systems—such as multi-queuing—which are focused on expanding WildStar and bringing its players together in new and exciting ways. We will also continue to bring live events to our players—like the upcoming return of the Hoverboard zPrix Invitational—many of which will include improvements that further encourage and reward player participation. We will be talking in more detail about all of these initiatives, as well as many others, in the coming weeks and months. There are still exciting days ahead for WildStar.

It’s important for everyone to realize that the next few months will be a transitional period for Carbine. We still have a passionate group of core developers here who are focused on improving the game and creating new content, but transitions like this take time, and I’d like to thank all of you for being patient as the team gets settled and our development timelines get solidified. We’ll continue to communicate with you every step of the way.

Lastly, I would like to thank the WildStar community that has supported us through this difficult time. I understand fully that events like this affect all of you as well, and we appreciate those of you who continue to play the game and engage with us. As I have said many times, WildStar was created for you, and I’m looking forward to working together to make it even better.


Which, in my opinion was good timing for it.. I said during my rant, that if Carbine waited too long to update the Community, it’d be a bad thing (the Doom and Gloom crowd would take the extended silence as further ‘game is dead’ proof).

While I would have preferred set dates for things like the Arcterra drop, and Steam release… the confirmation that Arcterra is in the next ‘three weeks’, and Steam is still this Spring… are good.. I do understand that providing dates is a double edged sword.. because if Carbine misses the date.. they get accused of lying.  If they make the date, and the content has gamebreaking bugs.. they get accused of rushing just to hit the date.

We get teased with new content (the teased new Expedition now has a name “Evil From the Ether”), as well as confirmation that the reduced staff is still working on said new content and systems (RMT, gear upgrades, etc.).  While the announcement wasn’t as in depth as some may have liked.  Considering it was released essentially one business day after the layoffs.. I think it hits the high points needed to calm the community.

Which means, as mentioned here, it’s time for the Community to step in, and help.

WildStar is our game, it’s up to us to make sure the in, and out of game, Community remains positive, and welcoming as new players try it out (especially with the Steam launch this Spring).  I’m not saying to ignore the bad things when they happen.. but, we don’t need to sensationalize them.  Focus on the good stuff that is in the game currently (zPrix is back today!), and what’s coming.  Don’t stress about how many more years we’ve got with the game.. enjoy playing the game because it’s fun.

We’re down to one Mega-Server per region (as of today, the PvP realms have been merged into the PvE ones).. which means there should always be folks on and playing.  Queue for dungones, BGs, Veteran content.. help people get attuned, give away housing decorations… whatever your thing in game is.. try and share it with other players.If yo

If you see people asking questions in game, on the forums, on twitter, on reddit.. or wherever… try and answer them.  The more positivity we can keep going in the community.. the less impact the voices of the “Doom and Gloom” crowd will have.

If you were paying attention on Twitter over the weekend, you know I found a few box copies of WildStar, that have yet to be redeemed… to “practice what I preach” and help keep the positivity going… I’m giving one away.

The code will get you 30 days of signature time, and one of the three ‘mystery box’ promo items.  Glitter Kitty Cruiser, Marauder Costume, or Snarfelynx mount (mounts are character bound.. FYI).  You’ll also get like 12,000 cosmic reward points too.

The Box codes are officially NA key codes.. so I don’t know if they’ll work on EU accounts.. post F2P conversion a lot of codes are both.. but I honestly don’t know about these.. I do know they’re still redeemable..because I redeemed one over the weekend (obviously, not the one I’m giving away… that’d just be mean).

Use the handy little widget below to enter:
Positively WildStar


Good Luck.. and stay #PositivelyWildStar

Yesterday DD was joined by Downtown, and CRB_Jophent, to show off the zPrix event for this week’s episode of Casual Friday!

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 14.15.58
Downtown and Jordon are racing each other on all three tracks, going for best 2 out of 3, loser buys lunch for the winner (and DD!).

Downtown takes round 1
Jordon takes round 2
Downtown takes round 3

Question/Answer section!
Q: What would we as a community have to do to see the hoverboard event come back?
A: Shout about it, post about it, provide feedback,

Q: Can you make hoverboard races repeatable?
A: They want, and are looking at it for repeat occurences of the event (should it come back). Abandon the quest before you turn it in.. then just pick it back up and start over. If you don’t care about the time.. just rerun it.

Q: Favorite Non-Hoverboard mount?
A: Downtown: Ikthian Crawler. Jordan: Luminous Equivar

Q: where can we get Jophent’s shirt?
A: Not available, dev only.

Q: How can I get one of the cool looking DeLorean hoverboards?
A: NStore item.

Q: Why is the merchandise in the NStore all single claim, it’s pretty expensive for one character.
A: It’s a work in progress..they are assessing desire, address over time. Not everything is going to be character bound…

Q: Where did Morgan get that amazing shirt?
A: Doesn’t remember

Q: Is Morgan wearing the zCap?
A: Yes

Q: Why is suppor taking so long to resolve issues?
A: Backlog, there is a lot of tickets currently.

Q: When are you going to start selling the Rowsdower Plushies?
A: Probably never

Q: When will I be able to get my PvE character moved to the PvP realm?
A: No ETA yet.

Q: How long will the board be in the store?
A: Till the end of the event

Q: Would love to desgin/make a hoverboard if you guys do a 3D contest
A: Good idea

Q: Plans to get rid of the bots plaguing BGs?
A: Yes

Q: Drop in the future that raises level cap?
A: Not sure, post in forums

Q: Why no z costume piece for gloves and shoulders?
A: The inspiration didn’t have them.

Q: Where are the nerf guns?
A: Put away, it’s casual Friday, no nerfing!

Q: Is Morgan Single?
A: No, neither is Jordan.

Q: Higher decor limit to be able to add all the event decor?
A: Expandable through store

Q: Any chance single character items like the z88 will be changed to multi-character in the future?
A: Don’t know, being assessed now.

Q: What are the blue rings for?
A: Speed boosts, and fall damage protection

Q: Plans for a christmas themed hoverboard/sliegh event
A: Dunno

Q: DD will you make Morgan sing something?
A: Morgan proceeds to sing in Kermit’s voice

Q: More events/decor/costumes inspired by pop Culture?
A: Haven’t had one yet, don’t want to start, will have more invents inspired by things that inspire them all.

Q: DD always questions the Tony mic, why?
A: He just starts blurting out, she never knows if he’s mic’d.. Tony says the mic is always on.

Q: Favorite Class/Race?
A: Downtown – Chua, Spellslinger, Dominion… Jordan – Draken, Stalker, Dominon

Q: Why do zKicks not work for Mechari?
A: Not sure, DD says her’s looked fine..

Q: Plans to make Tricks while you’re on Hoverboards (more than you currently can)
A: They’d love to

Q: Any plans to make the zPrix into more than just the event? Expeditions, Adventure..etc..
A: They’ve been talking about it, top men are on it.

Q: More housing items for tracks on plots?
A: Cool words have internally been discussed.. those are cool words…

Q: Can we get the hoverboard race music from the housing vendor?
A: Great idea, should be escalated, maybe related to the other hoverboard housing stuff


The mounts that were going to be given away during this stream, were not.. apparently there were some difficulties with getting the codes ready. They will be given away during Tony’s Housing Contest stream next week!

They did give away one T-Shirt this week.

Ongoing Giveaways:

Grim gourd giveaway. and a Spooky Top Hat giveaway! is also giving away a Shade’s Eve Cauldron toy here!

Since the combination of server issues, and real life has prevented me from streaming as much as I’d like (read that, as ‘at all’.. something about ‘the best laid plans’).  I’m going to instead run a screenshot contest (two actually) through October, to giveaway some of the goodies I was planning on giving out while streaming.

I’ve got some of the Blue ‘WildStar’ T-Shirts to give away:


Hopefully, the shirts will fit the winners! (I don’t have a lot of them, so sizes are limited.. I’ll work with the winners to get as close as possible to their size).

So, now that you know what the prize is.. You’d probably like to know what the contest is too.. huh?


For October, I’m going to do two contests.. one for each of the in-game events that will be taking place.

Contest #1 – HoverBoard zPrix Invitational

For this one, give me your best Hoverboard centric shot!  Show off those boarding moves, and the costume you’re wearing to leave your mark on the race!

Contest #2 – Shade’s Eve

For this one, the spookier the better.. whether it’s a great shot of your Haunted Housing Plot, you in your Shade’s Eve finest, in the middle of the Shade’s Eve instance.. whatever you want.. just, make it spooky!


My family and I will pick the top 3 for each contest, then I’ll throw those all in a post, and everyone can vote either by commenting, or voting in the poll that I’ll include in that post.


To Enter (and, this is the important part..since, if you can’t enter, you can’t win!):

1 – email me your screenshot at contests (at)  Just specify which contest you’re entering in the subject line.  It’ll make it easier for me to sort entries that way.

2 – Tweet it to me @notesfromnexus

I’d suggest email, since twitter does such mean things to images.. or maybe throw it on your image hosting site of choice, and tweet that to me.

Clearly, contest can’t start until the content is live.. so here’s the dates for each contest:

Shade’s Eve Contest – starts October 19th (whatever time the event goes live), and ends Monday November 9th @ 11:59 PM PST.  That’s a few days AFTER the event ends in game, since I know that “real life” can be a pain, and I don’t want anyone to miss out on their chance to enter.

zPrix Contest – starts October 21st (whatever time the event goes live), and ends October 29th @ 11:59 PM PDT.  Same few days added on to the end for this one too, especially since Shade’s Eve will be running at the same time.


Once all the entries are in, I’ll get the top 3 for each posted within a few that voting can begin!.


First place winners from each contest will get one of the aforementioned shirts.

I’m getting notice out now, so people can begin to think about their entries, and share the word with their friends.. I’ll be sure to remind everyone as we get closer to the start time of the two events!