The PTR is up, and in addition to the stuff on there for the “Tundradome” Cryo-plex drop.. Carbine has turned on Protostar’s Gala Winterfest Extravaganza for testing.. this, is the “Christmas” event for WildStar…and, like Shade’s Eve before it… it is done very, very well.

The blurb from WildStar’s Event page:

The Protostar Corporation is on Nexus in force to celebrate the true reason for the season: CONSUMERISM! Buy things, help Protostar sell things, and don’t let the war on Winterfest undermine what really matters, and that’s money. This greatest of all the materialistic holidays will send players on adventures throughout Nexus, culminating in an instance where players from levels 10-50 can teleport to the big shopping spree in the sky—the SuperMall-in-the-Sky to be exact. Get scaled up to max level and rampage through its shops, but try to escape before succumbing to the many overzealous salesclones!

Because not everyone hitting the front page may want spoilers… click more to read the rest!

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Patch notes are up for today’s Beta Patch… and the big item is…

Holo-Crypt Smart Ass guy is BACK!!! And he’s got a toggle now, so if you don’t like being reminded that you died… you can turn off the snark (Audio Options is where the toggle is located)..

Sure, there may be a few other things like an Ultra-High graphics mode, a new launcher, Holo Wardrobe fixes, and more bug fixes than you can shake a stick at.. but… the Holo-Crypt guy is BACK!

If for some reason Holo-Crypt’s return isn’t enough for you… here are the rest of the patch notes:

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Here’s my preview of the new Hoverboard racing event WildStar is adding (October 21st on the Live servers!).

First, the inspiration for this event, is clearly the Back to the Future movies.  This is not a bad thing.. we get our quests from “Doc” Zemmett, various boosts last for 8.8 seconds, the new hoverboard being introduced for this event is the Z-88…..and the costume pieces we get make us look like a certain time traveling teenager!  😛

The event consists of 3 daily races, and is open to everyone level 10 and up.  Collect the Daily Quests from Doc, in the contract area of your Capital City.. if you haven’t made it to your Capital yet, you can get them from Doc himself at the start (or finish) of the racetracks.  As part of each quest, you get a teleporter to take you to the start of the race track.  If you don’t see it on your quest tracker, right click there, and turn off the filter distance option.

Remember – if you get a time you don’t like.. abandon the quest before you turn it in, and then pick it back up and start over.

Let’s talk about the individual racetracks now:

Celestion – Celestial River Rush

This is the “simplest” of the tracks I think, it follows the river primarily.  The rings are spaced out enough that you can skip a few by cutting over river banks, without seriously hurting your time (just…don’t get stuck on logs, or bridges..or the rest of the terrain that I always do).  This track is right outside WoodHaven, so Dominion characters will need to watch out for guards/Exile NPCs if they stray too far from the course.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 11.27.30


Whitevale – Whitevale Wipeout

This is my favorite of the 3 tracks.  Tornados, Precarious leaps between mountains, dropping down into rings, enemy mobs in the path!

This one starts on Thermock Lake, runs over the lake for a bit, and then goes through Silverscale Station, you then dodge Tornados (and Yeti!), goes back over Rimewater River… till it hits my nemesis.. a bridge, and ends at Wigwalli Village.  The lower thread radius buff received while being on the race…comes in handy here.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 11.45.44



Get your pants here… they aren’t quest rewards for the other two tracks! At least..not that I’ve seen!


Deradune – Savannah Speedway

This one starts in the Ungala River… check point two is be sure you look for the jump boosts, so you don’t miss it.  After racing up the river, you’ll jump boost into Bloodtalon Perch, so that reduced threat buff will come in handy again.  You’ll zip through Bloodtalon Perch, and drop back down into the Ungala river..this race’s finish line… is on top of Metal Maw’s cage! (so watch your step!).

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 11.57.00



Turning in each quest, lets you pick between a housing decor item, consumables with fun side effects, titles, and costume pieces!  The Z-88 Hoverboard will also be obtainable during the event…somehow!

After each turn in, you’ll also be prompted to teleport back to your Capital City.. useful if you’re an Exile and you just finished the track in Deradune..

This looks like it will be a ‘fun for everyone’ event..and I can’t wait to race my kids, and see who can get the better times on these tracks!

Video review of the event, includes a look at the costume pieces I was able to obtain is here:



The Hoverboard zPrix Invitational will go Live on October 21st… and don’t forget, WildStar goes Free to Play on the 29th of September!


We got a small patch today on the beta/PTR server.. the big thing was the zPrix Hoverboard event that’s been talked about… but here’s the rest of the notes for today’s patch:


Hey Everyone –

In addition to the the Hoverboard zPrix Invitational being activated with this patch – please find below the notes associated with this update. Feedback regarding this update can go here.


  • Bev-O-Loot, Marissa Scarn, and Michael Scarn’s visibility requirements have been changed. They now require players to have at least 12000 Cosmic points–the equivalent of purchasing a box copy of Wildstar. This should help remove some of the issues that players have had with Signature status not registering correctly for them on the test server.


  • PathTracker
  • Fixed explorer missions not updating correctly because they have no events.

It’ll be interesting to see if the Boost NPC change helps fix the problems some PTR players were having, with not being able to see them, when they were subscribers.  Make sure you jump on the Beta, and test the zPrix, since it’s going away tomorrow!

Time to make like Marty McFly, and bust out your hoverboard… the zPrix Invitational is coming….tomorrow.

After the PTR goes down for maintenance tomorrow morning, the zPrix event will be up, and Carbine is asking for our help to test it.. Here’s CRB_Sunshine’s post:


Hello Everyone!

We’re going to need your help testing out one of our new in-game events – the Hoverboard zPrix Invitational!

Our big plan is to activate this event on the test server on Thursday, September 10 at 11AM PDT and run it until Friday, September 11 at 7pm PDT. While activated, we’d like everyone to log in, give it a whirl, and follow up with your feedback (feedback thread to follow soontm).

Also, stay tuned for our Casual Friday Livestream where Morgan “CRB_Downtown” Brown will be showcasing this event and answering your questions.

And, if you’re interested in helping test out our F2P content, you’ll need to sign up for closed beta. If you’ve already signed up for the beta, keep an eye on your mailbox!


Team WildStar


I know what I’m doing tomorrow…. do you?

After a brief downtime today, the PTR is back up, and ready for logins… here’s the Patch Notes, courtesy of CRB_Sunshine:


Hey Everyone –

At this time the test server is back online. Please feel free to download the patch, hop in game, and test away! All feedback can be posted here.

Update Notes:

Target Dummies

In an attempt to streamline combat balance testing, we have done a revamp of the Large Training Grounds Housing Plug to make it an optimal and convenient environment for testing your combat skills. The workbench now allows players to select which target dummy they would like to use for their tests as well as simulate a full raid situation including all expected buffs and debuffs.
These changes are intended to make them more accurately represent various raid and dungeon bosses throughout the game.
For all of your PTR parse life needs, you can find the fabkit for this housing plug available from your Local Bev-O-Loot.


True Shot
Fixed a bug with the t8 where additional shots would be fired.


Fixed a bug that caused medishots to have no cooldown.
Superb Class Focus – Minor and Superb Class Focus – Major have been added to the item level 80 Runecrafting bag on Bev-O-Loot.


A number of new gadget specials have been added to the game. Many of the raid-quality gadgets were updated with these specials, whereas a few new ones were also added in to lower content tiers.
The “Break” gadget special will also no longer be offered in-game, and has been replaced on all relevant items.



Fixed an issue that was preventing the Permanent Delete raid wipe mechanic from always firing when it should.


Updated the CraftingGrid addon so that discovery wedges display properly.


If the NCoin funds package purchase doesn’t succeed it now displays an error message instead of waiting forever.


I’m glad to see the NCoin error, instead of constantly spinning Chua wheel message.. I’ve ran into that when purchasing NCoin, and it’s vague enough, I can see how some folks ended up making multiple purchases.. so the error message will definitely help.

If you’re not already in the beta…don’t forget to sign up, and I’m also still giving away a few keys here.