As announced on Friday’s stream… Dungeon Chase starts this week!  It’s just like the Sim/Space chase events from previously, only.. in Dungeons (which is good, because otherwise Dungeon chase would be a bad name for it).  As in previous events, you’ll collect token A (Small Game Scraps), which are tradable (based on the other events), and exchange them for token B (Big Game Bucks), at a vendor.

Carbine…can we talk about this totally unnecessary step?  Why not just have the actual event drops be the currency used by the reward vendor? What’s the logic on exchanging one currency for another?  Leave “Token A” as the drop (and tradable), and have that be what the reward vendor accepts.

Here’s the News Announcement that covers rewards and such.

Like the other chase events, it looks like some of the most wanted items will be locked in the RNGBoxes purchasable from the NStore.  We’ve got 3 different cases (all available individually, and then all 3 on the store at the end of the event):

Forge Case:

Each opened Forge Case has a chance to drop one of the following:

  • 1 of 7 pieces from the Osun décor set
  • Osun Juggernaut  NPC
  • Osun Hatewitch NPC
  • 1 random Dungeon Crawler NPC from a large grab bag
  • “The Fortress” Music Track
  • Forgemaster’s Delight Skybox
  • Torine Swordcat Mount
  • Torine Swordkitten Pet


Swordmaiden Case:

Each opened Swordmaiden Case has a chance to drop one of the following:

  • 1 of 7 pieces from the Torine décor set
  • Swordmaiden NPC
  • Life Elemental NPC
  • 1 random Dungeon Crawler NPC from a large grab bag
  • “Oath of the Swordmaiden” Music Track
  • Torine Twilight Skybox
  • Torine Swordcat Mount
  • Torine Swordkitten Pet


And, lastly, Proto Case:

  • 1 of 7 pieces from the Protostar décor set
  • Housing Supervisor NPC
  • Protostar Drillbot NPC
  • 1 random Dungeon Crawler NPC from a large grab bag
  • “ProtoSwing Dance Time” Music Track
  • Proto Pleasant Skybox
  • Torine Swordcat Mount
  • Torine Swordkitten Pet


Based on the mount and pet being in all 3 cases, they are probably only available that way, which is a bummer.. I won’t do RNGBoxes, and I know a lot of others that don’t.  Hopefully, the items out of the cases are not soul bound, and someone will put them up on the AH for a reasonable amount.dungeon-chase-torine-pumera-pet


I’m hopeful that people will queue for lower level, and non-veteran mode dungeons as well, to help give new players (or people playing alts) the chance to participate.. especially since, even at 50, a lot of people may not feel they’re well geared enough to do the veteran modes.  The Dungeon Chase article doesn’t talk about it..but, Carbine did mention on the stream that there will be a play with the Devs portion of Dungeon Chase, so keep an eye out for Devs to show up in your dungeon queues.



WildStar’s latest event started Thursday, the “Boss Hunter Challenge”, designed to encourage players to go out, and slay the world bosses around Nexus..

Which sounds like a good thing right?  WBs drop decent loot, the event lowers the Progenitor Access Particle requirement to summon the bosses, making it quicker/easier for people to summon them.

Unfortunately, the reward aspect of the event hasn’t been handled as well as it could have.

Previous events, like the Space Chase event.. both dropped loot, and had tokens that dropped in the Expeditions.  Players could then redeem these tokens (or sell them on the CX) for Chits.. the chits could be redeemed at a vendor for the decor bits.  There were also decor pack (RNG Boxes) that could be bought from the NStore.  The Decor packs were gauranteed to have one of the event related items..and only items from the event.

The Boss Hunter Challenge only has RNG Boxes as it’s loot.  Killing a WB gets you a token that you turn in with one of the lockbox keys purchased from the NStore..to get the lockbox from the vendor.  This is where the discontent with this event starts.  Here’s the blurb from the WildStar announcement of this event:

 During the Boss Hunter Challenge, every time you or your party slays a World Boss or Legendary Champion, they have a 100% chance to drop a new Shiny Token you can turn in at a vendor in your capital city, along with a lockbox key (normally only available for purchase from the In-Game Store for NCoin or OmniBits). Normal creatures you find throughout the overworld of Nexus have a small chance to drop a Shiny Token as well, so it’ll pay to get some other questing done during the event, too.

The wording of the “along with a lockbox key (normally only available…)” part has caused lots of players (myself included) to believe that the WBs would be dropping tokens AND the lockbox keys from the NStore.  Unfortunately, this isn’t the intended meaning from Team WildStar (CRB_Yaviey confirms that only the token is dropping over on the official forums here):

Hi all,

To confirm, the lockbox key is sold in the in-game store and can be attainable through either NCoin or Omnibits. The thing that drops is the Shiny Token. Both are needed.

Thank you,

-Team WildStar

If the confusion from that blurb were the only problem…most of us would probably grumble a tad, but get over it and continue to enjoy the event.  Unfortunately… there’s more.

The event news page says the RNG Boxes can contain:

  • Veggie Launcher Toy
  • Garden Green Dye
  • Lopp Hunter Pet
  • Lopp Grinder Mount
  • And More!


All of which are very cool rewards.. who would’t a Veggie Launcher?!?!  Heck, I could probably get my kids to eat their veggies if I could launch them from across the room… The downside, and what I think is the biggest issue for the Community surrounding this event.. is that unlike the Space Chase RNG Boxes, where you were gauranteed an event related item (or, like the normal RNG Boxes that drop in the game.. where you’re guaranteed to get a item that can drop in the Dungeon/Adventure you got the box in)…. you’re not guaranteed to get anything related to the event.  From the event lockboxes, people have gotten:

  • Iron Ore.
  • Low level Rune Crafting bags.
  • Bags with low amounts of gold (30 gold).
  • Low level crafting mats
  • Small Quantities of Service Tokens
  • And..of course, the event related items.


Now, why is this an issue?  Because, with the RNG Box keys not dropping from the Bosses as originally thought by players.. it means we’re being asked to pay real money to open a box… that may have something completely worthless in it.  Here’s Key prices from the NStore:


80 NCoin per key is roughly equal to $1.00 a key (about $8 in bulk for 9 Keys).. so, it’s quite possible you’d spend a buck, and fewer Service Tokens than you’d get by buying the same amount, or get some Iron Ore, that currently sells for a few copper a piece on the CX… not a good trade IMO.

Yes, we can use Omnibits to get keys as well, but since there is a soft cap on OB earnings a week, not everyone has lots of OB to spare.  I’d also rather spend my Omnibits on guaranteed things.. I use them for dyes, costumes, etc.etc.. not lockbox keys…


Carbine… You know I love you guys, and I want nothing but the best for you, and WildStar.. but, this is less than ideal.. you’ve essentially ran an event designed to do nothing but sell RNG Box keys on the NStore, and it’s not going over well with lots of the Community.

The intent of the event is good.. people are out, killing World Bosses, folks are getting the loot drops.. and (presumably) having fun doing so… so, kudos for that part…  Here’s how I think you fix the event rewards part:

  • Apologize for the confusion caused by the wording on the event page.
  • Remove anything non event related from the loot table of the boxes.
  • Temporarily add Lockbox keys to the WB loot tables.. not at a 100% drop rate, put it at say 10-15%.. high enough that they’re dropping occasionally to offset at least some of the real money cost for players to participate.
  • Bump the drop rate chance on ALL items on the WB loot tables for the duration of the event.

Then, next time you run this event.. remove the boxes completely.  Put the Event items on the vendor for X tokens each, just like all the event goodies for zPrix, Shade’s Eve, Winterfest, and Space Chase.  Or add them to the loot tables for the bosses for the duration of the event.

I’m not a fan of RNG Boxes in any game, particularly after they’ve been so abused in games like STO, and SWTOR.  But, if – like the Space Chase event, I was guaranteed to get something event related + the increased chance at loot from the World Bosses themselves.. I’d be willing to shell out a few bucks for keys.  As it stand right now, this is an event I’ll be passing on (and really, really hoping that the Sim Chase boxes don’t follow this model).


Throw us a bone Carbine….tell us how you’re going to fix this event.


The PTR is up, and in addition to the stuff on there for the “Tundradome” Cryo-plex drop.. Carbine has turned on Protostar’s Gala Winterfest Extravaganza for testing.. this, is the “Christmas” event for WildStar…and, like Shade’s Eve before it… it is done very, very well.

The blurb from WildStar’s Event page:

The Protostar Corporation is on Nexus in force to celebrate the true reason for the season: CONSUMERISM! Buy things, help Protostar sell things, and don’t let the war on Winterfest undermine what really matters, and that’s money. This greatest of all the materialistic holidays will send players on adventures throughout Nexus, culminating in an instance where players from levels 10-50 can teleport to the big shopping spree in the sky—the SuperMall-in-the-Sky to be exact. Get scaled up to max level and rampage through its shops, but try to escape before succumbing to the many overzealous salesclones!

Because not everyone hitting the front page may want spoilers… click more to read the rest!

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Extra-Life Stream Plans

Extra-Life is this Saturday, and like lots of other people, I’m going to be streaming my gameplay that day…while continuing to hit people up for Donations for Children’s Hospital.  If you’d like to donate to the cause… my donation page is here.

I’ll be streaming from 8:00 AM (Mountain) Saturday, till 8:00 AM (Mountain) on Sunday… that gives me time to nap before the Broncos play!  You can tune into the stream at twitch.tv/notesfromnexus.

Obviously, I’ll be streaming lots of WildStar… but, because Saturday is also November 7th (aka, N7 Day), Mass Effect is on the list too, and some other games for variety..

Here’s the rough schedule I’m going to be following.. obviously, if I’m in a ‘good’ part of a game, I’ll finish that out before switching (can’t just close the game).

0800-1000 – SWTOR  (By request, my Son wants to play with me).

1000-1200 – Mass Effect 3

1200-1400 – Marvel Heroes

1400-2000 – WildStar (Special Guest Appearance by my daughter)

2000-2200 – Little Diablo 3 action!

2200-0000 – Tales From the Borderlands (if this is as good as The Walking Dead games they did.. it’ll probably go well past midnight!)

0000-0800 – Whatever keeps me awake 😛  Probably more WildStar, or random games out of my steam library.

Feel free to stop by and say Hi during the stream..I will be giving away standard edition box codes of WildStar throughout the day.. mostly when playing WildStar though.CMN Hospitals_2015 Info Graphic

CRB_Downtown wrote up a deep dive on the zPrix invitational that starts today in WildStar.

Hoverboard_Concept_FinalHere’s some highlights of the Deep Dive:

We’re celebrating hoverboards (and the people who love them) on the anniversary of their invention—October 21—with the Hoverboard zPrix Invitational! It’s an event that brings hoverboard-centric gameplay and lore to you over a five-day period. I won’t do you the disservice of digging too much into the lore in this format, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least namedrop the man of the hour: Galian “Doc” Zemmet, famed Cassian engineer, inventor of the hoverboard, and zemTech’s visionary founder.

Do It with Some Style

All right, let’s talk turkey: The Hoverboard zPrix Invitational brings with it some new and most excellent zemTech products. One is exclusive to the in-game store, but the rest are daily quest rewards, so make sure you hit the zTracks early to scoop up all the loot you can.

  • Costume Pieces: zemTech’s partnered with some of Nexus’ next-level action-fashion designers to launch a limited run of an outfit that will make your Holo-Wardrobe holo-burst: the zHat! The zJacket! zPants! And, zKicks!

  • Toys: The new 88-Proof Boardwax and 1.21 Gigazaps toys will make even the most face-challenged Mordesh smile. The former makes your hoverboard move even faster (with some potential, unintended side effects), and the latter can make you move faster—just consider warning companions following you around that your increased speed could be a little… shocking.

  • Housing Décor: No holiday would be complete without new housing décor. We went more sparkly with this one: The Burning Track, which is a trail of continuous fire, and the 10:04 Lightning Bolt, which is a lightning bolt that repeatedly strikes the place of your choosing.

  • Titles: Hoverboarder slang used across the galaxy is the basis of three new title rewards – so if you fancy yourself a Slacker, a Butthead, or Bojo, then it’s your lucky long weekend.

  • Hoverboard and Flair: Last, but certainly not least, we’ll see the release of a limited-edition hoverboard and flair bundle: The zBoard 88 with optional LeDorian accessories! zemTech proves they’re the supreme ruler of hoverboards yet again!


I did a video covering the zPrix race tracks while the event was on the PTR, so check that out for a quick overview of the courses.  The zBoard 88, and flair set are available on the NStore for 595 Omnibits, or 1190 NCoins, and is claimable on a single character (but…how cool is that character going to look!).

Get in there and start boarding!


ShadeStream Recap

Special Monday stream with DD and Caydiem, to show us the live Shade’s Eve content!

Quick recap of known issues:
Loading screen issues – logout, log back in before 30 second timer hits.
Dailies for the instance.. go through the portal, not the content finder – daily quest doesn’t recognize it through content finder yet.

3 Randomized dailies per day, Instance daily, and housing daily. All rewards Shade’s Silver, the holiday currency for this event.

Was originally scheduled for last year..had to be pulled.. was a lot of stuff in that patch, wasn’t going to be able to get proper testing.. held off for a year, and it’s much improved for that.

Team of 4 designers, Kurtenacker, and a bunch of artists worked on Shade’s Eve..all came together nicely.

Caydiem talks about the artists being less than thrilled with as dark as the forest part of the instance is, since it hides all their amazing work.

Because Caydiem was playing a soulless Chua.. she picked all the wrong options in the instance.. just FYI.

Tony revealed the Shade’s Eve Housing Contest!  So get to decorating your spookiest plot!  Lots of “torture” chambers and Spiders!


Lots of Questions this stream, think I got them all:
Q: What is in game gamma set to?
A: Default

Q: Why stuck at the loading screen?
A: Actively investigating.. logout, relog within the 30 second window and you should be able to get in.

Q: How long does the event run for?
A: Runs through Nov. 2nd.

Q: Lots of complaints about non-account bound items, especially for Shade’s Eve, anything in the works?
A: Outside of Caydiem’s area.. but she knows the feedback has been heard.

Q: Why are there no dailies to get the PvPers out to kill each other?
A: Really good feedback, put that one on the forums.

Q: Ghastly Skeletal Warpig?
A: NStore exclusive.

Q: What level characters?
A: 10-50.. Housing quest requires 14+

Q: Code is invalid?
A: Means someone else has used it.

Q: Gold rewards for Shade’s Eve expedition?
A: More Shade’s Eve currency

Q: Need a better housing vendor UI, stinks having to search for everything, anything in the works?
A: Not currently, but good feedback.. please put this kind of stuff in the forums, so it doesn’t get lost in twitch chat.

Q: Since you did such a great job on this event, are you working on anything upcoming?
A: Winter event is coming soon, Caydiem is working on it.

Q: What is Shade’s Eve?
A: Ancient Cassian holiday.. related to Plague encounter when first landing on Cassius.. one girl was immune, used her blood to manufacture cure.

Q: Do you have to be a certain level to participate?
A: 10-50.. housing daily requires 14+

Q: Does this expedition have a veteran level?
A: No, because of the way it scales 10+ up.

Q: Can we expect any more events of this kind in the future?
A: Winter event coming up, event team is always looking to add more?

Q: What happens when we reach 50,000 effigy?
A: Effigy burns..keep collecting.

Q: Stuck on loading screen.
A: Working on it, logout, log back in before the 30 seconds are up..seems to be unsticking people.

Q: Can you get the house and the mount from the expedition, or just the NShop?
A: Some exclusives to the store, dyes, fabkit, Skeletal mount.

Q: Can we win Caydiem’s hat, please?
A: lol.. jokes about how much work Caydiem had to put into getting it.

Q: Need Soldier’s transforming cannon as a toy next year.
A: Good feedback

Q: Black Rowsdower plushie would be great
A: Yeah… exclusive plushy coming with Winter event.

Q: Angel’s backpiece as costume?
A: It’d be cool, but it’d clip through everything.

Q: Is haunted house fab kit too expensive for it’s size?
A: It’s the price it is because you get a second interior

Q: Couldn’t kill woman in instance, any tips?
A: The way the scaling works.. your item level counts a lot.. check your item level, if it’s significantly lower than your player level, try to make it match as close as possible.

Q: Tidbits about the area, it’s inspiration?
A: Quiet Downs used to be called Quiet Mounds… Forest is meant to have a spooky, lost feel to it.. since you have no abilities.

Q: Noticed that in Expeditions, that the numbers over the mob’s head don’t always match the amount of damage done.
A: Scaling tech, they’re looking into it.

Q: Favorite tech in WildStar?
A: Caydiem: Expeditions/Housing, DD: Housing/Music

Q: Is haunted house fab shop only?
A: Yes

Q: Is trying to collect candy, can’t.. is getting edit permissions when not set for it?
A: Known issue, working on a fix for it right now.

Q: Can we expect a new BG map anytime soon?
A: No info on it, Caydiem isn’t in the PvP team.

Q: Why some mounts aren’t account wide?
A: Just the way it is currently, continue to look into it.

Q: Can you do Shade’s Eve all by yourself, or too much trouble if you’re low level?
A: Can be done by yourself.

Q: You skipped a lore book?
A: There was a shadeling!

Q: Any chance of a Jack Shade toy pet?
A: There is a Jack Shade toy….also, use the Angel toy near him too.

Q: Possible to add a basement to the plot in the future?
A: Ask on the forums, depends on the housing stuff

Q: Floating Haunted Horse mount (like a hoverboard)
A: That’d be cool

Q: Is the skeleton on the desk from the guy who died 100+ times in beta?
A: Lots of laughter… Caydiem then tells us about the guy who died 100 times in the instance while testing things. Really helped them find issues.

Q: Are there, if not, will there ever be underwater expeditions?
A: Technically already is.. when piloting the ship for the deep space expedition..that’s underwater.

Q: Will plagueist costumes be available for players
A: PArts are

Q: Jack Shade’s Costume?
A: Yup.. in the store, and buyable through the vendor.

Q: Can I submit my RL house for the contest?
A: You can submit it for fun

Q: More expeditions?
A: Caydiem loves to work on them.

Q: Mad scientist outfit?
A: That’d be cool

Q: What do you guys like to see in application portfolios for 3D artists?
A: Caydiem has been out of it too long, best advice is just to be very critical of the pieces.. make sure they match what you’re trying to do.

Q: Where’s the instance at in Illium?
A: Parade Grounds… you can also queue for it like you would any expedition if you don’t want to go to Parade Grounds because you’ve already done your dailies.

Q: Request to add different time zones to announcements for things
A: Do on the forums, harder where there is character limits like Twitter.

Fancy Pants Jacket Codes