Cassidy’s Adventures

We rejoin our heroine this episode, after she survived the rude awakening she got from Deadeye (seriously, who just randomly wakes people up from Cryo-sleep like that?!?!?!).

After single handedly saving the Exile fleet, and leveling all the way up to level 3… Cassidy boarded a flight with Deadeye, his no longer sick wife, and the baby (that Mrs. Deadeye swore would be named after Cassidy…that better happen! 😉 ) they’re Thayd bound… and given the luck the Exiles have had so far… I’m sure they’ll get there just fine…. right?

Here’s Volume 2!


As always, please let me know your thoughts… I realize these are kinda lengthy, and I’m hoping now that Cassidy is out of the starter zones (where I don’t feel there is a good ‘breaking’ point in those story lines) that it will be easier to keep these down to shorter durations.  Things like Shiphands, Adventures, and Dungeons would be clips of the run, without the ‘outside world’ bits.. using fast forward (like I did a few times in Volume 2) to help speed up the overall run.