I’ve got a handful of Beta Keys, both NA, and EU… and I want to give them away! (because..really, what am I going to do with them?!?!)  But, there’s a catch (there’s ALWAYS a catch, isn’t there??!).

Leave a comment to this post, between 8 Sept 2015, and 10 Sept 2015, telling me what kind of content you’d like to see me provide, or a way you think I could improve the site.  You also need to provide your region.

That’s it… If I get more comments than I have Beta Keys (I’ve got about 4 for each region), I’ll randomly pick winners from all the comments.  Make sure the email address you enter when you leave a comment is valid, as that’s how I’ll be sending you your key.


Simple right?!?! So… comment away!

One of the FAQs since Beta started, was when will the current Free Transfers between MegaServers (PvE <-> PvP) will come to an end.

Carbine has put an end to the wondering today.. When servers go down for maintenance for the Reloaded patch… Free transfers will be removed.  Fret not though! You’ll be able to transfer again shortly after launch (shortly being a few weeks).. as Transfers (like additional character slots, renames, etc..) will become a purchasable token on the in-game store.

Here’s the announcement from Carbine:

We’ll be suspending free character server transfers when maintenance begins for the WildStar free-to-play launch on September 29, and expect to enable character transfers a few weeks later via a new purchasable transfer token from the in-game store.

With the free-to-play launch bringing a lot of new players to the game, we want to ensure that we’re not adding the complexity of character transfers into the mix of a highly-anticipated (and potentially very server-straining) launch. We expect we’ll be comfortable enabling purchasable character transfers in the weeks following launch, and once we have a date to announce we’ll be sure to let everyone know.

If you’re a current subscriber and are looking to take advantage of the current free character transfers we recommend doing so at your earliest convenience.


Q: If I choose not to take advantage of free transfers now, how much is it going to cost after September 29?
A: The transfer token will cost 1590 NCoin ($19.88 USD), or 795 Omnibits—a free in-game currency earned over time while earning experience from various game activities, such as killing monsters, killing players, and completing quests.

Q: Can I move from a North American server to a European server?
A: No, the game services are run independently in each region, which precludes transfers between them.

Q: What happens if I transfer to a server and my name is taken?
A: You’ll be prompted to choose a new name upon login.

Q: Are there any transfer limitations?
A: Yes! See the Realm Transfer FAQ for specifics.

Q: If I don’t like my server after September 29, can I transfer back?
A: Once transfer tokens go on sale you’ll be able to purchase one for NCoin or Omnibits, and initiate a transfer back to the other realm at that time.

We’ll have more information in the weeks following the WildStar free-to-play launch.


Team WildStar

Real Life Wins

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, the updates around here are very sporadic, and not according to any schedule…. it’s because Real Life wins… At this point, between all the other ‘adult responsibilities’ I have… I have time to either play games, or write about playing games.  I choose to play the games.

Which means, I’m not even going to try for regular updates, I’ll just be updating when something happens that I have a really strong opinion on, or have more to say than I can fit into 140 characters for Twitter.


Thanks for stopping by and reading when you have…  Hopefully life will settle down, and I’ll be able to get to some consistent schedule for updating.  I am going to try to stream, or post gameplay videos to YouTube, as those (typically) don’t take any additional time out of the day…