The Steamy edition!


Big news for the week, is that Wildstar has officially launched on Steam!  Even better news.. is that so far, it’s been doing pretty well on Steam, even cracking the top 100 list!  Peak Concurrent players via Steam, so far has been 5040:

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 23.11.19

Reviews on Steam have been overwhelmingly Positive so far as well as well, with 711 Positive, 183 Negative reviews.. and members of the community have been adding screenshots, guides, etc.. to help out new Steam players.  If you are playing on Steam (and, remember.. if you link your NCSoft account via Steam, it automatically logs you in.. so not recommended for those of us with multiple accounts) make sure you leave a review!

Chad Moore also posted a “Welcome new Steam Players” post. In it, he hints at upcoming content.. none of it is really new (limited faction drop, the new race/class combos going live, RMT, Halon Ring, more PvP incentives..etc..), the only real new tidbit of news (for existing players, obviously.. if you’re new to WildStar it provides a good roadmap) is that they will apparently be giving veteran players a way to quickly get a new max-level alt (sounds like they’re going to be selling ‘insta-50’ tokens):

Are you a veteran player with a hankerin’ for a max-level alt? There might be some good news on the horizon.

Friday had a ‘play with the Devs’ stream, where Chad and Micah ran through some expeditions (and, in Micah’s case.. started leveling a new character) with some players to kick off the Space Chase festivities.  They did hint at a new event coming this summer, so perhaps something to fill in the July 4th time frame where Starfall was originally slated.. and they hinted at swimsuits.  Other than that, I didn’t hear anything new in the parts of the stream I was able to listen to.

As for Space Chase, it has returned with the standard RNGBox setup, just like previously.  This time did have the potential to be way more player friendly though.  This tidbit is in the announcement:

But that’s not all! Space Chase Cases now also have a chance to drop rare NPC décor for Artemis Zin and Dorian Walker, as well as a Dog of War mount and Lonely Lost Larva pet, along with gold, Service Tokens, and various flasks. But you can also get the décor, mount, and pet (and music tracks mentioned above) directly from the Expeditions in the form of new mini-cases that have a chance to drop at the end of Expeditions.

And then there was this quote from Chad Moore on both the forums, and Reddit:

Hey all! Just wanted to chime in here. Glad to hear that you are excited about the changes that we made to the event. All of them were based 100% on your feedback.

Looking forward to chasing some space with all of you!


Unfortunately… based on drop rates reported by players over the weekend (yes, it’s anecdotal..but it’s all I’ve got)… this is a lip service only “change”..  I know of 3 of the mini-boxes that dropped between Friday when the event started, and late Sunday night when I’m writing this (with one person having ran 75 expeditions over the weekend, with no drop).  Which makes sense I guess.. considering if Carbine had really taken into account how much the Community HATES RNGBoxes… they wouldn’t have given us this year’s Cash-Grabiversary (which, by the way, is still ongoing, if you feel the need to buy yourself a ‘thank you for supporting us’ gift for WildStar’s birthday this year… I know I don’t).

Speaking of Cash-Grabiversary… It’s now ran for two weeks.. and there has been zero response from the Carbine team about the negative feedback from players about having Anniversary ‘rewards’ locked in RNGBoxes, instead of given to the players like every other game does… so, it looks like we won’t be getting any comment from them, or change to address this ‘event’, that is (IMO) grossly disrespectful of the player base that has supported WildStar for the last 2 years.

Ending on a more positive note for official news.. Bardic has announced some very welcome store related changes!

  1.  There will now be a forum post in the marketplace section of the forums detailing limited time deals, and this post should have the end time for when that sale will go away.
  2. A fix for the much disliked Account Inventory changes made a few weeks back.  They will be adding an ‘account bound’ inventory type, that will let you mail items between your alts after the store (or daily login reward) auto-pushes it to your inventory.  I’ve been very vocal about how un-user friendly the new system was.. this sounds like it’s a good step towards fixing that.. it will probably need some tweaks as it goes..but it’ll at least help.  My request now is for bigger bags and/or a shared account bank (like a guild bank) to put all this stuff in, since we can’t use the ‘old’ account inventory to store these items in anymore.


The PTR has also been updated again, so make sure you update your PTR client, and continue to help test Redmoon Terror.


I do believe that’s it for the week.. no Community news since everyone was scrambling to get online to welcome new Steam players, since we were only provided 2 days notice before launch.


Note:  I wrote this while extremely frustrated with the way Carbine is handling their Anniversary event this year…


Welcome to the WildStar Week in Review, the CashGrabiversary edition!

June 3rd was WildStar’s second Anniversary.. and to Celebrate… Carbine gave us… nothing!  Sure, the Starfall “event” has been shifted from July to become the Anniversary event with no explanation provided for the date change.. but, the Starfall event.. isn’t really an event (at least, in the same sense as Winterfest and Shade’s Eve).  Instead.. the Starfall event is… RNGBoxes!  You want a Rocket Rowsdower?!?!  Hope you can buy enough Keys to get one from RNG!  And it’s not just this year’s “rewards” that are in there.. nope.. the loot tables for the RNGBoxes are cluttered full of stuff from previous events (which, would actually be okay, *IF* this year’s rewards were not tied to the same RNGBox).

I asked about it in Twitch chat, and the response I got from Caydiem was that “they are operating under a different business model than last year”  which is fine.. but being F2P doesn’t mean locking everything in these stupid, horrible RNGBoxes.

Let’s compare!


June 4th, is Gazillion’s Marvel Heroes’ 3rd Anniversary.  Would anyone care to take a guess at how many RNGBoxes have to be opened to get all the Anniversary related items?  Yup.. you guessed right.. ZERO.  Everything Anniversary related can be purchased with a special in game event currency (Birthday cake slices) that drops from mobs while playing the game.  MH operates under a very similar F2P model as W*, and to monetize their Anniversary, MH is running sales through their cash store, encouraging people to buy items there.

June is also the month that Heroes of the Storm celebrates it’s one year Anniversary…. guess how many RNGBoxes needed to be opened in that title to get all it’s Anniversary rewards?  That’s right! NONE!  Just like last year’s WildStar Anniversary, all you needed to do was log in.


Weird that these other F2P games can give their players Anniversary rewards (and then try and monetize further with sales)… while Carbine thinks being F2P means.. RNGBoxes! That subscribers can’t even use their free weekly lockbox key to open!  I’d love to get an interview with whoever at Carbine made this decision, to try and understand the rationale of turning even your Anniversary into a cash grab.  Sadly, the way this event was done, compared to Winterfest and Shade’s Eve.. has me pretty much convinced that Dev time is going to be allocated to re-do those two events, and turn them into mirror’s of this “celebration”.. and we’ll lose the ability to use in game currency to buy specific rewards.


I love the game, I love Carbine.. but, y’all made a stupid decision with how to handle the Anniversary.. and it’s coming pretty close to driving me away.  It’s very hard to try and defend/support the game… when you guys do stuff like this.  The Anniversary CashGrab runs all of June.. so FIX IT! do something to make it right.


Now, on to better news..  If you’ve been logging in regularly, you’ll have hit your day 250 login reward (GAH! I missed a day somehow this week.. Moose is now a day ahead of me!)  The Mechari Welder:



We got another ‘more information soon’ post regarding Steam launch.  The part of this that interests me (now that Carbine held off the Steam launch long enough to make my guess of the 3rd incorrect) is the enhancements for greater account security they mention.. it’ll be interesting to see what that is.


PTR testing of Red Moon Terror continues, so if you haven’t yet.. be sure to patch up and log on and give it a go.


Pappy was on a celebratory stream Friday to “play through” Starfall… which consisted of lots of laughs, and people killing things so fast Pappy couldn’t get the credit for the challenges (this week’s ‘event’ quest).  I tried to watch from Work, but missed a bit.. I didn’t hear any new news off the stream, just people laughing and having fun playing the game.  I thought they were going to do a couple giveaways, but either I missed them due to work making me… work.. or they didn’t happen.

WildCast Episode 89 is out.. grab it here.

Mondo Zax was revealed in NCSoft’s new MxM game:

I still think they need to add Belle, or Kit, or Deadeye to offset that little guy…


Okay… I think that’s everything from this past week.. Go, play on Nexus… see if you can buy the Anniversary rewards you want from the AH.. and avoid RNGBoxes!


Week in Review, May 15-21

This is the “OMG It’s Happening!” edition!



In keeping with tradition, two days after WildCast recorded, Carbine announced you can preorder the WildStar Soundtrack, volume 1.. from your favorite digital music retailer (and from Sumthing else Music Works).  In great pre-order related news… WildStar is the most pre-ordered album on Sumthing.  In bad pre-order related news.. Sumthing, via UMG, has started issuing DMCA takedown notices to YouTube channels that have WildStar music in their tracks..  So, hopefully the Carbine crew can do something about that, since if people end up having all their videos muted (or take them down because of DMCA notices)… it’ll suck.


Protobucks went live this week… with the conversion tool in the in game store.. make sure you convert your Protobucks before June 22nd, so you can get issued your bonus bucks for conversion on that date.  As part of the store changes, a new “streamlined” account inventory that now puts any store purchases directly into the inventory of the character you purchased them on (unless they’re account bound), along with any daily login rewards you claim, went live… that change has been received… poorly.  Fortunately, there’s been some good dialogue with Carbine on the forums about the changes, and it sounds like they’re working on some upcoming fixes to address some of the concerns.


And really… that’s the big news for the week from Carbine (and, the Soundtrack release would have been enough on it’s own).  I’m expecting we’ll see news regarding Steam launch this coming week, because I still think they’re going to try and time it with the Anniversary on June 3rd.


Community News:

WildCast released Episode 88 on Friday.. head over and give it a listen.

The big weekend Community news, is (well.. was, since it’s over now) Thaydfest 4 was the 22nd (yeah, I know.. it’s the day after the ‘week’ for these weekly updates what?)  😛   There were costume contests, mini-golf, laser tag..and all kinds of fun to be had (I wasn’t able to attend, but did peek in via Twitter updates from people that were there).  Congrats to all the people that won the contests, big thanks to all folks at Black Dagger Society for taking the time to put the event together!



That’s it for the week.. I’ll see you in Nexus!

Carbine continues to prep for the Steam release… this week, we found out that as part of that preparation, NCoin are going bye-bye (for WildStar only, other NCSoft titles will continue to use them).  We now get Protobucks!

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 07.21.20


In addition to now getting to have a little Phineas in our pockets.. we can also now get bonus Protobucks by buying larger quantities at once (you know, that thing all the other F2P games do with their real money currency)!

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 07.27.24


Starting on the 18th (after maintenance), Protobucks go into effect.  You’ll need to convert your NCoin over to PB… but, if you play other NCSoft games.. be aware.. it’s a one way conversion.. there is no ability to go from PB to NCoin if you convert more than intended.

Conversion will be a 1:1 value.. but, don’t fret! if You’re sitting on a lot of NCoin, and you convert it one to one… Carbine is going to go through at the end of the June, and apply the bonus math for every thing converted between May 18th and June 15th.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 07.31.01

I’m not sitting on a big NCoin stash.. I spend it pretty much as fast as I buy it… but, if you’ve stockpiled some, make sure you convert it doing the bonus window, otherwise you’ll only get the one to one conversion.


If you’ve been logging in every day since F2P launch, you should have receive your day 230 login reward… the laser scanner from the Dominion Arkship!



Speaking of login rewards… quick PSA regarding the lockbox key weekly reward for Signature status.  The keys are unique.  You have to have claimed it from your account inventory, before you can claim your next key reward.. and the countdown timer doesn’t start (for the next one) till the key hits your account inventory.  So, if you’re like me and had been planning on stockpiling keys for a chase event, or a weekend full of Adventures/Dungeons/Expeditions… you can’t.  So be sure to claim the keys from account inventory ASAP after your weekly cooldown resets!


Signature packs bought through the NStore (which, I guess I’ll need to start calling something else now that NCoin are going away).. now also provide Cosmic Points on a level closer to what you get if you bought the Signature status via a recurring subscription through the website (if you buy the Signature packs that provide extra goodies, you can actually get more Cosmic Points than a regular subscription provides).


In the ‘sad news’ category.. Mike Donattelli confirmed this week that he is no longer with Carbine, presumably, he’s going to be spending some time focusing on his health, before jumping into his next gig.  I wish him all the best, and can’t wait to see where he goes next.

NCSoft also released their 1Q numbers this week…and WildStar’s numbers are.. ummm.. well… less than stellar.  There was a pretty substantial drop in sales from 4Q (F2P launch) to 1Q:


Hopefully the changes Carbine has been making to the store (more account boundedness, better price points, etc) will help make 2Q look better.. Steam release will also help some.  No doom and gloom from me, but there’s plenty of it out there after these numbers hit.  I’m hopeful that next quarter’s numbers will climb up a bit.  I will say that maybe this is further proof that Carbine has made it too easy to play the game without spending any money, combine with some initial mis-steps on pricing in the store.. it hurt them.  I’d expect we’ll see some more revisions to store practices, and potentially even some shifting of more features behind a pay-wall (or Cosmic Reward tier).

Here’s my quick suggestion for an item I think would sell well.. Bank slot increases that are multi-claim.. I don’t want to buy one bank slot on each character.. but I’ll gladly buy a token that unlocks that slot across the board.


That’s pretty much it for official news this week.  Hopefully we’ll get some ETAs for Aurin Engineers, the limited faction wall drop, and you know.. a Steam launch soon (If I had to bet, I’d put Steam launch around the Anniversary..because then they can combine launch with anniversary shenanigans).


In happier news.. Mayor DasMoose has given us a new video we can all spam at Pappy to express our desire for the #WildStarOST:

He’s done a great job providing snippets and highlights of the amazing soundtrack that Jeff Kurtenacker has put together for WildStar… so, hopefully we’ll get more news on the Soundtrack front soon (and, make sure you let Pappy, and the WildStar account know, via your social media of choice, that you’d like the soundtrack)!


Other Community news:

Thaydfest (Put on by the great BDS folks) is this weekend! make sure you stop by and have fun, and help out if you can.  Get all the details here.CEXVMM6


The folks over at WildCast recorded last night, and based on past history.. we should be getting some news from Carbine today or tomorrow.. since they have a habit of dropping big news right after AvidGuru and crew get done.

Former Community Manager Tony Rey, has put a couple of WildStar PAX Pins up on eBay.. still some time left if you want to try and win them. Based on what he’s said on Twitter, he’s got a bunch of swag he plans on putting up at some point.. so, don’t bookmark his eBay account, that way there is less competition for me!



Big exciting stuff out of Carbine last week…

First… Vault of the Archon is now live… so you can get the continuation of the World Story – you do need to have completed the OMNICore-1 quest chain to pick up the VoA one.. so if you didn’t do it due to leveling during one of the double XP events.. head over to the Defile, and talk to Drusera.  You need to do either the solo version of the Lightspire event, or the open world/group version.

This patch also added the new, new player tutorial to the live server..and, sneakily, changed the opening cinematic to a new version of the ‘What is WildStar’ video… which is not up on their YouTube channel yet.. but, you can see it on the update Steam Page (which, still has no release date on it!).

And.. I’m torn between which of these next bits of news I’m most excited for.. so I’ll start with the ‘sure thing’.  Meerkat has come back and given us the results of the Class/Race DevConnect:


Yeah… that’s right… that’s an Aurin Engineer (incidentally, she’s rocking the Red Moon Terror tier set).

I mean sure… we’re also getting Chua Warriors.. but really.. the Aurin Engineer looks amazing!  Here’s the full announcement from CRB.. no dates provided yet for when we’ll get the new Race/Class combos:

Hey Everybody,

I wanted to follow up with all of you now that the Race/Class Combos DevConnect is finished.

First off, I would like to thank you all for participating in the discussion. We have received a lot of wonderful suggestions (including Granok Stalker J).

We also might have hinted at the fact that Carbine has been working on making certain race/class combinations available. Today we are making it official! By popular demand, our first two new combinations will be…

Chua Warrior!

Aurin Engineer!

But that’s not all! As many of you had suggested and requested in DevConnect, we will also be offering race and gender changes in the Chop Shop.  If your Granok Engineer isn’t cutting it, then turn him into a female Aurin and get back to business!

We will be sharing more specific information in the coming weeks about how and when Chua Warriors, Aurin Engineers, and race and gender changes will be available in the future. Until then, thank you all once again for being a part of our Race/Class Combos DevConnect! And stay tuned for more coming soon!


So, not only are we getting two new Race/Class combinations… we’re also getting the much request Race/Gender change ability..and, in what is a surprising move.. not locked in the NStore.. we’ll be able to do it via the Chop Shop (which means, Service Tokens, and/or large amounts of Plat)..I know I’ll be hitting the Chop shop for a new race for my soon as this is available, especially since I’m over limit on Characters, and can’t delete/re-roll someone to make a new Engineer.

The other big news was teased during the return of the WildStar stream… now called the Nexus Report.. On the stream (in addition to playing through VoA, so don’t go watch the stream if you are trying to avoid spoilers till you play through), Pappy teased us with a possible release of the WildStar OST (Featuring the rocking Kurtentunes from the amazing Jeff Kurtenacker.. this time, he says they’re officially ‘gauging interest’.  So, be sure to let Pappy know that you are interested in getting a copy of the soundtrack, so you can keep a little bit of Nexus with you…even while slaving away at the office!



The soundtrack related bit starts at about 37 minutes into the stream, so you can skip to it if you’re trying to avoid spoilers on the new tutorial zone (which is what has been covered so far on the stream). It’s some pretty high grade trolling by the Carbine about ‘hypothetical’, undiscussed, potential OST… I can’t wait!

I’m finally back in town and got a chance to visit Arcterra this weekend:


I missed the memo that being able to fly was required to accept quests in Arcterra this week (to be fair… it only happened once, and I spent a lot of time in Arcterra killing things this weekend).

Here’s what happened in the world of WildStar this week (week of April 10th – 16th).

The big news, is Pappy following up on the initial DevConnect topic of Faction Barriers… with this announcement:

Hey everyone!

I wanted to follow up with all of you now that the first official WildStar DevConnect is finished!

First and foremost, I want to thank all of you who participated in the discussion about the faction barrier in WildStar. I knew our community was passionate, but I was really blown away by all of the great and insightful comments that were shared by everyone who was involved in the discussion.

As I said in my initial post, we have been discussing this for quite a while here at Carbine. Based on the feedback that we got from all of you in the community, here is what we now plan to do:

  1. We will be dropping the Content Finder faction barrier.
  2. We will be allowing players of both factions to communicate openly with each other. There will no longer be a faction filter in chat.
  3. The faction barrier for open world grouping, housing, social systems, and guilds (which includes Arena teams and Warparties) will stay in place for now.

We will be sharing more information about exactly when these changes will be taking place in the coming weeks, along with further details about what this looks like from a design perspective.

Once again, I wanted to thank everyone for being a part of DevConnect! And stay tuned for more coming up in the future!


The first bit of this faction barrier drop has already been implemented, with this week’s patch.. both factions are able to access Bor Milug after the key has been assembled… which, kinda defeats the purpose of ‘racing’ to get the key if you ask me.. not sure why the Blizzard event, and the Coven Guard bosses are even a necessary step anymore..since one of the features given during the Live Streams, and AMAs about Arcterra.. was beating the other faction to kill those bosses, and getting exclusive access to Bor Milug.. since there is no ‘beating’ the other faction now… why not just leave Bor Milug up and respawning on the 4 hour timer, saving us all a now pointless step?

Faction Filter dropping in chat, I’m okay with… it was kinda pointless anyway, and it didn’t make sense that the two groups – with common origins, couldn’t talk.

If they’re going to remove faction barriers from content finder, I’d like an option similar to the old ‘look on my server only’ option.. to only group with content from my faction.. it makes no sense that I’d randomly group up with the other faction to run a dungeon (especially low level ones where the factions are physically separated – and you can’t say that ProtoStar Academy is ‘neutral’ since PS does it… when Housing would then be neutral too.. and is restricted to same faction only).    I disagree with Carbine’s decision on the faction barrier, I think it hurts the community, and without a ‘same faction’ only flag, is forcing people to play in a way that can break their immersion.. not to mention, at lower levels, it’s pretty counter to the established Lore.


With the closing and followup of the first DevConnect topic… Carbine wasted no time in giving us the second topic.. Race/Class combos!

Hey Everybody,

I have the fantastical opportunity to present our second DevConnect. The topic is…..Race and Class combinations.

As some of you may have heard, Carbine just might be working on some new race/class combos, and we are looking for some further feedback from all of you!

·         What are your thoughts on unlocking more Classes for each Race? (THAT GRANOK STALKER IS TO DIE FOR!)

·         Which Race and Class combinations would you like to see on Dominion?

·         Which Race and Class combinations would you like to see on Exile?

The rules remain the same as the first DevConnect on Faction Barrier. This DevConnect thread will be open from now until April 22nd, and it will be pinned in the General Discussion for the entire world to see. Please don’t hesitate to express your opinion and give us your focused feedback within this thread. The Dev team may jump in and offer our own thoughts/opinions as well.

I can’t wait for all the feedback and…..I look forward to welcoming you to the Chua family!


This is a topic I am glad to see officially pop up.. because, I’ve always been slightly miffed that Aurin are restricted to 3 classes.. there’s no reason they can’t heal someone to death with Resonators.. Though, no Mordesh Espers makes zombies eat brains, not use them to kill people!  😛

But, to answer Meerkat’s questions specifically:

  • Yes.. unlock ALL the classes for ALL the races – race/class restrictions don’t make sense in a Sci-Fi MMO.
  • If we can’t do all.. then on the Dommie side, I’d like to see Mechari SpellSlinger added.
  • And on the Exile side, Aurin Medic (or Engineer).

I’d also like to mention, that if additional race/class combinations are offered, there needs to also be away to race change to the new unlock.. some of us can’t create new characters, because we’re well above the 14 character slot limit…

Make sure you head over to the forums, and chime into the DevConnect thread with your answers.

Meerkat is also soliciting feedback on ways to improve the classes:

Hey Everybody,

This is the first Ideas post and if it’s not perfect, we’ll work on making it better next time.


  • Be Respectful to each other, we all have differing opinions.
  • There is no need to argue. Please list the issues that are important to you and your
  • Top 5 only; Keep it simple for each point, “This is the area that needs work and this is why that area is important to address” (This is not for creating massive posts, walls of text, or links to other massive postings)
  • We don’t need solutions to the problem just yet. So don’t worry about that right now, we’ll have an Agenda post where I may suggest ways to go about it or just ask outright for ideas on a good path.

What can be improved for individual classes?

What can be improved for class interaction in groups?

Are their particular areas that should be addressed within the roles?

This thread will run through the weekend. We will have an Agenda post next week with the ideas that we will try to tackle in the short term.

Note: If you have suggestions for the format or a way to convey things in the future, please feel free to put it at the bottom of your post.


New Format from suggestions later in the thread:

CLASS:[Class name or Blank(if not class specific)]

ROLE:[DPS, TANK, HEALER, or BLANK(if it is not role specific)]
1. [Category]: [1-4 sentences]
2. [Category]: [1-4 sentences]
3. [Category]: [1-4 sentences]
4. [Category]: [1-4 sentences]
5. [Category]: [1-4 sentences]
More Info:
1. [Greater detailed description of the corresponding numeric issue listed above]
2. [Greater detailed description of the corresponding numeric issue listed above]
3. [Greater detailed description of the corresponding numeric issue listed above]
4. [Greater detailed description of the corresponding numeric issue listed above]
5. [Greater detailed description of the corresponding numeric issue listed above]

**Category can be Bug, Balance, Feel, or Blank if you aren’t sure

Class changes is a trickier one for me to chime in on.. Overall, I think the classes all feel pretty balanced, but, I’m not a hard core raider or PvP’er.. so my perspective on that is a little different.. I will say that my ‘Slinger’s survivability seems like it could use a boost.. I was able to easily complete the Winterfest expedition on my Engineer and Medic..but struggled on my ‘Slinger to defeat the last encounter (just as an example).  Head over and give Meerkat your opinion on class changes!


We got a patch this week, that addressed the “group leveling opportunity” that people really took advantage of during the Double XP weekend.  For those unfamiliar with it… people were summoning new characters to Arcterra, where they could then stand far enough away to be safe, but close enough to get XP for some of the group events.. now Characters need to be level 48 to go to Arcterra.\

We did get a new video for Madame Fay’s Arcterra related updates:


After the Steam page went live for WildStar last week (while I was out of town, of course).. this week was a bit quieter for official news.


On the Community side, The Crescent Order guild on Entity (Exile side) is having a race to 50 on Saturday April 23rd at 2:00 EDT.  This is the guild that Kal Scattergood is in, and she’ll be streaming the challenge on her Twitch channel.  For more details, check out the forum post or the Reddit post.

The Russian WildStar community did a VO competition where players voiced some of the Eldan’s lines of dialogue.. you can check it out over on Reddit.  VO is in Russian, obviously.. but the ones I listened to sounded pretty cool.


I think that’s all I’ve got for this past week, hope you guys had a good week, and we’ll see you in Nexus!